Chapter Twenty

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I was once again tied up to the mast, my back pressed uncomfortably into its wooden surface. It would seem that these pirates liked to have me out in the open. Apparently so I was easy to find for Pan...if he was coming, that is.

I shook my head at their ridiculousness. They all still had faith that that immature boy would be my savior. What a joke. Only the blood of his precious boys would ever bring him around.

As the moon rose high, I let my mind wonder back to my redundant conversation with the fairy queen. It seemed that the inhabitants of Neverland were all one big broken record. The phrase that I was different kept ringing again and again in my ears. Why did they believe in it so much? Could they not see that I was just like every girl on the mainland? That there was no real difference between me and the next?

I was so lost in my ping ponging thoughts that I didn't notice one of the pirates approach until he was right in front of me.

He was almost the same height as myself and was rather skinny for a pirate accustomed to hard labor. He looked rather young too, but that was all I could make out of his features because he had large brown cap pulled low over the upper part of his face and eyes.

He stepped forward and causally leaned against the wooden beam beside me. He picked at his nails and appeared to be on a break of sorts. The pirate stayed that way for a few short minutes before he subtly nudged my side with his elbow.

I pretended to ignore him, guessing that he didn't want to be caught talking to me, but gave a small nod so he knew that he had captured my attention.

The pirate awkwardly cleared his throat before he began quietly. "It's me, Gwen. Jam?" he whispered hesitantly.

I slightly nodded my head again.

"We're going to save you. The boys and me." He continued softly. "I'll untie you when I hear the signal, ok?"

"Alright." I daringly whispered back.

And then we waited in awkward silence until the fated bird's crow sounded. It came from somewhere onboard the ship, but I could not pinpoint exactly where.

Chaos spread across the vessel like wild fire.

I watched, transfixed, as pirates all around the ship began dropping to the ground in death's cold grip. The Lost Boys must have all been undercover and were striking as an unseen force.

Then I felt Jam turn to me and begin the short process of unknotting the rope around me. When the rope finally loosened and fell to the ground, he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him.

"Climb up." He said while pointing to the rigging dangling above us. "You'll be out of harm's way." Then he turned to join the fight with his brethren.

"Wait!" I softly cried before he had the chance to leave. "Where is Wendi?"

Jam glanced back at me, then out at his comrades. "She's fine, Gwen. She's safe back at the hideout." Then he took off into the crowd of fighting pirates, fairies, and children. All I could do was wish him luck, and climb as high as I could.

I swallowed my fear and reached up for a rope.

I lifted myself into the rigging just as a pirate tried to seize my ankle. He was quickly cut down by Ed, who had appeared just in time.

He nodded my way before joining the other boys.

I jumped and climbed and pivoted my way up the main mast. I kept going, not once looking down or stopping. I had to help the boys anyway that I could, and if that meant climbing up dangerous rigging, then so be it.

When I was so high that the wind threatened to knock me off course, I stopped to rest. I clung to a rope hanging above me while my feet rested on a wooden beam underneath. I peeked down below me and gulped. I could barely make out individual persons from this height, and I couldn't tell who was who.

I went to climb higher when a loud crowing startled me. My hand slipped, and I nearly fell off the wood beam. Once I regained my footing and was in no fear of falling at that moment, I took a deep breath and glanced up...and nearly screamed. Pan was but an inch or so from the end of my nose. His famous red hair buffered in the wind while his blue eyes shown with wicked intent. He was so close that I could feel his breath fan across my face. "Pan." I breathed out.

He did not speak. He did not acknowledge me in anyway. Pan simply drew his small roughly made knife from it's wooden scabbard at his side and, wasting no time, began attacking me with it.

I backed away from him as fast as I could manage, balancing my way across the narrow beam.

"You traitor!" He hissed. "Because of you, my boys will die!"

I didn't respond. I was too busy trying to keep my balance, and I was doing a marvelous job, too. That is, until Pan lunged forward towards me. In turn, I jumped back to avoid his jagged blade. My feet slipped from their place, and I fell hard.

My body hit the pillar with great force, knocking the wind straight from me, before I rolled over and fell into thin nothingness.

I was in the air for a split second before my hands dug into the wood I had just been standing on. I jerked to a halt, dangling perilously above the deck way below me, nothing but thin air between me and the unrelenting wood.

Pan looked down at my helpless body and smiled mercilessly.

I was easy bait now.

I closed my eyes and held my breath. I was going to die here today. There was no doubt about that. And only Pan could decided which way he wanted the light to leave my eyes.  

Author's Note:

Well, that just happened. XD I hope you guys enjoyed!

So, we have two more chapters until this book is complete, and one of them isn't even a full chapter.

I am so happy and sad at the same time! It's almost over!

Thank you for reading this far! Have a good day/night!


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