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this is gonna be a different chapter ok alright ok

m i c h a e l
m i c h a e l ' s  h o u s e 
6 : 3 4 a m

i wake up from the loud noises coming from downstairs. i sigh as i remove the blanket that covered my body. i grab a shirt and put it on. i walk down the stairs and into the kitchen. i watch my mum using the blender creating a smoothie.

"do you really have to do this now?" i ask with a raspy voice due to the fact that i just woke up.

"yes, michael. i have to go to work and i need something to drink," she replies. she stops the machine and removes the top.

"can't you just buy something at starbucks or something?" i ask as i'm going to the counter to grab a cut up fruit. i was about to eat it until my mum interrupted.

"don't eat that! you haven't brushed your teeth yet," i sigh placing the fruit back onto the counter. "and i like to know what's inside of my drinks because what if there were drugs in the coffee at starbucks?" she pours the thick liquid into a bottle.

i scoff. "i highly doubt that they have the drugs to do that and if people figured out, then every starbucks would shut down."

"whatever; now go brush your teeth," she turns back, paying attention to the smoothie she had just made.

"fine," i mumble, walking to the bathroom. i take a quick look at my face and grab my toothbrush, squirting some toothpaste onto it, then start brushing my teeth.

i hear the blender again and sigh. i remove the toothbrush out of my mouth, "can you keep it down!" i yell, toothpaste still in my mouth.

"sorry!" i hear my mum yelling back.

i spit out the toothpaste and run up the stairs, into my room. i replace my sweatpants with some skinny jeans and add a hoodie into the outfit. i grab my phone and backpack. i run into the kitchen and kiss my mum's cheek, "bye mum!" i yell, running out of the house.

i check the time on my phone, the bus will come any minute now. i hear the bus, the driver opens the door and i run in. i sit directly at the front not giving anyone any eye contact.

l u k e
m u s i c  r o o m
2 : 4 4 p m

i patiently wait, sitting in a chair. i check the time, 2:44 pm. michael should be here, i say to myself. i sigh, fluffing my skirt. i hear the door open, i instantly look up, revealing a gorgeous red head.

"michael?" i ask, standing up from my seat.

"uh, y–yeah," he replied.

he looks so much hotter in real life, i say in my head. i stare at michael, taking in his beautiful features. i wrap my arms around his waist and tuck my head in his neck, "you're real," i mumble.

he chuckled, "yeah," he hugs me back.

hello so i hope you guys liked that chapter! i'm sorry it's horrible 



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