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Sasuke's POV

I can't belive naruto didn't tell me that happened last night but I can't be mad at him forever he is going threw something.

"I'm sorry for not telling you sasuke" naruto says as he looked down but I just patted his head softly "don't worry dobe" I said as he looked at me "teme" he says as I just smirked while rolling my eyes at him then looked at tsunade "ok I want you 4 to get to class and we'll talk later" she says as we left er office to get to class we had slip to, so no harm done right.

"Um sasuke" naruto says as he whispers to me "yes" I asked looking over to him "I don't like sakura she scares me to much" he says looking away embarrassed "don't worry about it she's scary anyway no need to be ashamed" I said.

Making it to class I opened the door as ever one looked at us as we walked into the class and handed kakashi out slips as he put a hand on my shoulder "what happened" he asked in a whisper tone "we were kidnapped during the party by the akaski we made it out but other didn't and ever since naruto had tones of nightmares" I whispered back as he nodded and allowed me to sit down, soon naruto poked me as I looked over to him he seemed scared and I knew why 'don't worry' I mouthed with out saying anything as he nodded and looked back in front of him while I look behind me to see sakura staring at me.

I turned around but I can still feel her staring at me she's such a creep.

After a few hours of class naruto was starting to get sleepy as he was bobbing his head sleepily so I reached over and tapped his shoulder lightly gaining his attention as I pointed to the front he nodded and went back to work I think kakashi understood what was going on so he wouldn't mind it if naruto went to sleep though he would end up screaming or something I can't let that happen.

Soon I felt a chill down my back and turned to see sakura staring at me again what is her freaking problem soon her eyes shifted to naruto then back to me wait oh no she is not going to do what I think she's going to do.

Looking at me still I turned back around to see kakashi looking at me as he was talking at the same time.

Soon class ended and we all got up I saw sakura and ino quickly move there way to us but kakashi stopped them to talk as me, naruto, menma, and sasukie left the class room to get to our next class lucky we made it huh.

Naruto's POV

Sasuke seemed to be on guard lately as he mostly didn't want me to sleep "sasuke-kun naruto" someone yelled as we both turned to see sakura as I jumped ad hide behind sasuke "what do you want" sasuke says as he looked at the pinkette as she just smiled at him but I could tell she really wanted to glare at me the whole time why does she hate me so much what did I ever do to her to make her hate me.

Soon sasuke turned around took my hand and guided me into the class room I get to sit by sasuke in almost every class but sasuke made sure to save me a seat beside him since we're able to sit were ever we want but then oh my god sakura took that teat away away I don't wanna sit by her.

"Hey can naruto sit here I was kinda told by the principal to keep the dobe out of trouble" sasuke says oh he did not "teme" I whisper yelled as the kid moved allowing me to sit there which I did than looked at him.

Soon class started I knew I wasn't gonna make it threw the whole thing as is starter to get boring I felt tire as was so close to falling asleep until sasuke woke me up again.

Time skip

As school went by me and sasuke decided to eat lunch outside together but soon I turned to see sakura staring at me or glaring at me what is she thinking right now.

I decided to eat my lunch again as sasuke tapped my shoulder as I looked over at him "what is it sasuke" I asked looking at him "I know sakura is scaring you but just try and relax" he says patting my head as I purred and nodded finishing my food I instently went to sleep.

Third person POV

Sasuke watched over naruto as he was still on guard as he looked to the sky "hey sasuke-kun" someone yelled as sasuke turned to see sakura as he growled "what do you want" he asked "what's he doing and I'm very curious" sakura says as she smiled happily.

Sasuke rolled his eyes "we were just kidnapped sakura you were already told that already now shut up and leave me alone" sasuke says as he looked away from sakura as she messed with naruto causing his nightmare.

"Hey leave him alone sakura your making him worse" sasuke says as he glared at her as he soon picked up the sleeping blond as he took him to the nurses office than went to threw the lunch away.

Ino walked in once sasuke left as she went there from time to tin only tor see sasuke as sakura walked in "oh hey ino-pig" she says as ino glare at him unhappily "what ever forehead" she says.

Sasuke returend and passed sakura and ino and too naruto someplace else quiet.

Soon naruto woke up as ye gasps and looks around "morning dobe" sasuke says as he kissed naruto since they were on the school ruff top they were safe.


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