Chapter 15

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Your P.O.V

I woke up and detached myself from Sherlock. His hair was all ruffled and he had sleep in his eyes. He stirred and woke up. "I could wake up like this everyday", he sighed. "Me too", i replied. I sat up and noticed Mikey and John were awake too. I grabbed my clothes and went downstairs to the bathroom. I showered and brushed my teeth. I slipped on my dress and heels and brushed my hair out. I walked back upstairs and told Sherlock it was his turn. Before we knew it, we were all ready. So we went donstairs and made breakfast for Mr and Mrs Holmes. We made pancakes and fresh orange juice and just at that moment, Mr and Mrs Holmes cane downstairs. "Awwww, thank you guys, you really shouldnt have bothered", Mr Holmes said. "Honestly, it was no bother.", I replied.

---------------------Time Skip----------------

We were on the road and John was driving. Apparently we would get to Oban for 3pm. There was nothing we could really do. Mikey was upstairs sorting out some government issue and Sher and I were sitting downstairs in front of the t.v . I let Sher pick what he wanted to watch and I fell asleep. It was like an 'L' shaped couch. I put my feet up and rested my head on Sherlock's shoulder and he wrapped his arm around me. 10 minutes in and I fell asleep. I was woke up by Mrs Holmes alerting me that we were here. I turned round and realised that Sher was fast asleep too. "Sher", i said as i shook him awake,"We are here". He woke up and we helped empty the stuff from the van into the hotel we were staying. When we got up and got everything packed away, it was like 3.30pm, so we all decided to go for a swim. On the way Mr Holmes had to stop for the shops. We waited for 5 mins till he came back in with a newspaper entitled 'Reichenbach Heroes'. He handed us the newspaper and i sighed. On the front was a picture of me and Sher holding hands at Scotland Yard when I was trying to get Cassy home and beside it was a picture of us earlier that day outside the cafe, kissing. My face flushed bright red and Mrs Holmes laughed. "You better get used to the attention here, sweetie", she said. "Its went worldwide". I folded up the newspaper. "Well I'm not going to let the press get in the way of a good day.", I chirped. "Lets go". We arrived at the pool about 10 minutes later and we got into our own lockers and got changed. I really wasnt going to let that newspaper ruin my day.

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