Chapter 6- Leaving

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A week has passed, Sayuri had to go back to Edo.

During her stay in the headquarters of the Shinsengumi, she has her ups and downs. Like, her wearing a kimono like geishas with those make-up, arguing with the unit captains, having lot of smacking in the head by Hijikata and many more happenings or random events.

The most memorable for her is the festival that she went with the unit captains, Kondo and Chizuru. Souji even bought Sayuri a hair pin during the festival.

Her last day, she met up with the others who are at the main gate.

" Are you sure you don't want to stay here ? You will be a great samurai if you joined the Shinsengumi" Kondou said, Sayuri shooked her head.

" I really want to stay. But, Edo is my home" Sayuri replied.

" I'm going to miss my little imouto-chan" Hijikata hugged her, she hugged him back.

" Don't force  yourself to call me imouto-chan. I think I'm going to miss you so much if you didn't call me little brat" Hijikata stopped hugging her, but smack her in the head again.

" What was that for ?" she asked while placing both of her hands on top of her head.

" I'm going to miss you too, little brat" Hijikata smirked and stood beside Kondou.

" Take care, okay ?" Harada said and patted Sayuri's head.

" I will" Harada waved to her and walked away. Shinpachi stood forward and raised a knuckle. The both of them did a knuckle bump.

Heisuke was next and raised a hand. They did a high-five.

Saito's turn, he then handed a small sword

"What's this for ?" she asked.

" To protect yourself from harm" he said and placed the sword on Sayuri's hand. He then quickly stood beside Hijikata and had a tint pink on his cheek.

'To protect my self ? Is he crazy ?I already have a sword with me in this travel. Saito-san isn't really good with words'

Kondou tthen walked towards her and hugged her tight.

" I'm going to miss you so much" he whispered

" I'm going to miss you too, otou-san" she whispered back. Kondou flinched in what he heard and had a shocked expression. He then looked at Sayuri with tears falling from his eyes.

" What? I won't be coming back for a long time here and that is a goodbye present for you" she explained. Kondou turned around and place on of his arms to wipe off his tears.

" She called me otou-san for once. Thank goodness" Kondou said between sobs. Hijikata patted his shoulder. Sayuri giggled at the scene.

The sun light was covered of some one's shadow. She looked behind her and saw Souji , leaving a 1 inch space.

" Your too close, Souji-kun" she then pushed him, he chuckled

" Why are acting so flustered ?" he smirked

" I-I am n-not" she stuttered. Souji patted her head and leaned down.

" Have a safe trip back to Edo" he pecked Sayuri on the lips. She was about to punch his stomach, but he quickly backed away while chuckling. Sayuri hissed, after that, she sighed. Sayuri then looked to Chizuru with concern.

" I'm so glad because your not getting annoyed because of this idiots" Sayuri said, not minding the others complaints. Chizuru giggled.

" Maybe I'm getting used to it" Sayuri raised a brow and smirked.

" Just take care of them" she then walked past everyone. She turned around...

" Chizuru"

" Y-yeah ?"

" Please keep on replying to my letters" Chizuru nodded.

" I will" Sayuri then looked at Souji with concern.

" Souji..." she muttered

" Yes, Yuri-chan" Souji walked towards her and put somethign behind her ear and grinned.

" Suits you" he murmured which Sayuri didn't hear. She then tilted her head and gave him a confuse look.

" What did you say ?" she asked. Souji shooked his head.

" It's nothing. So, what do you want to tell me ?" he crossed his arms

" The thing is that.... I want to tell you... that...I..." she stopped then smiled a bit.

" I want you to protect everyone, mostly Kondou-san and... please take care of yourself as well" she turned around and quickly walked away, not waiting for Souji's reply.

" I'll see you soon" she shouted. Souji smirked.

" I will"

Sayuri already passed the check-point and already half-way to Edo. Sayuri then realized that she still has that thing that Souji put behind one of her ear. She stopped walking and took the thing that is behind her ear. She was shocked when she saw it. It was a single whit lily and a note attched to it. She put her things on the ground and untie the note that is on the stem of the flower.

' I will always remember you everytime I see a flower that symbolizes you'

She smiled and tears flowed down.

" Why can't I tell you those feeling that I felt for you ?" And what kind of note is this ? It's like some type of Haiku that I thought that was a fail because of Hijikata-nii. Is this somehow improved by you, Souji ?"


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