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I've been looking for my next victim. I've been watching this man who beats his daughter without reason. I have concluded that this man isn't her biological father, his name is Tony, and that he's an asshole. He almost reminds me of my dad but no one will ever be the monster he was.

I've never seen the girls face before, but I'm sure she's beautiful. I've decided to closely observe her today. When she walked out of the house I was stunned. This girl was absolutely breathtaking, she was beyond beautiful. I think she could tell that I was following her because her body seemed to tense.

She waited until we were at the same light to speak to me. Honestly It was strange hearing someone talk about me not with fear or horror, but with infatuation. She was right about almost everything. I'm 20, I love leather, and I always wear my signature lipstick.

When she told me Tony hit her, it wasn't something I didn't know. I was almost a little surprised about how open she was, especially considering that we had just met. I felt for her when she said that she didn't do anything for her mother's sake. Her intentions are good and just because I respect her I've decided to do something different this time. Instead of killing Tony I'm going to give him a warning.

I went back to Y/n's house finding an unemployed Tony making his way down the stairs. I climbed through Y/n's window looking around partly to see what kind of person she is. After a couple of minutes of snooping I crept down stairs.I found him in the kitchen not privy to what was about to happen to him. I have to do this quickly because I have other things to do. Specifically I have a business meeting with some associates but more on that later.

I took a knife off of the counter and silently approached him. I wrapped my arms around his torso which caused him to struggle.However the knife caught him while he was moving around his fight diminished quickly. I held the knife where it had caught him before and sliced directly across. That's all it took for him to drop to the floor.

" You don't hit little girls. If you do it again, it will be your throat," I pulled down his pants and kissed his inner thigh. I paused to look at my work before walking out of the house. I let my mind drift to Y/n and what she would think about this.

She has an obsession with 5 killer queens. I wonder who they are? I wonder if I know them personally? It's a long shot but nothing is impossible. I have a little group and Y/n would be a great addition. I mean she's very observant and we could use that. Not to say we're sloppy or anything, it's just that having one person focus on the details would make things run much smoother. Plus she isn't scared by the disturbing things in life.

I'm a fucking serial killer and yet it doesn't seem to faze her in the slightest. We had a full blown conversation in which she let me get close enough to kill her. Any other person would've crapped their pants. The real question is why is there a star hanging down on Earth? Even with a black eye the girl is stunning.


It's been about 2 hours now of me just wandering the streets with no direction. My meeting with the girls did not go as well as I wanted. I brought up Y/n and they were very skeptical of her value to us. I told them to just have a conversation with her and they'd see her potential. We ended up getting into an argument about it and I had to leave before I did something I'd regret. Now I find myself walking a familiar path to Y/n's house. It's where my feet lead me and there's no point in turning back now. I stood in front of her house for a while before deciding on what to do.

"Are you just going to stand there all night or do you want to come in?" I looked up and saw Y/n with her head sticking out of the window. " I'd like to come in if that's ok with you," I said with a smirk gracing my lips.

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