Chapter 14

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Your P.O.V

We all got into Sher's parents road camper van and it turned out there were 2 bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen. It was a double decker camper van. The bedrooms were upstairs. Obviously Mr and Mrs Holmes needs there own room so we all had to go in the other. It was surprisingly big. There was a lovely double bed and two gorgeous single ones. Sherlock and I looked at each other and darted for the big bed. "Oh my god calm down guys you were gonna get it anyway", John huffed and Mikey laughed after it. We emptied our stuff and orgainised them into the drawers beside the bed, we went downstairs. Mr Holmes was just about to start driving so we all sat on the couch. Mikey, Sher and I all looked at each other. We all lunged for the tv remote at the same time. Mikey and Sher managed to get a side each and were pulling it. I had a plan though. I tapped Sherlock and gave him a hug and kissed his cheek, he let go of the remote. I went to Mikey and started to tickle him, he let go of the remote laughing. I took it and switched The Fault In Our stars on (idea from watermelonhannah246) and we started to watch it. I snuggled up beside Sher and he wrapped his strong arms around me, Mikey was sat beside me and John was beside Sherlock. It came to the end and I was crying my eyes out. I looked at Sherlock he hadnt shed a tear, the same with Mikey. Whereas I looked at John and he was crying too. Sher tried to comfort me but i wouldnt stop crying, Mikey tried too but i just couldnt stop. Sherlock moved to go and get a drink and i asked John if he was okay inbetween sobs. He couldnt answer either. I gave him a hug still crying. He hugged back too, tears stained my shirt. "Its not fair", i cried. "I know it shouldnt end like that", john cried. Mikey and Sherlock just stood there looking at us.

--------------------Time Skip----------------

We had finally stopped crying and it was like 11pm at night. We decided to pull over for the night and go to sleep. I went upstairs and got my Captain America PJs on:

I tied my curly long hair into a messy bun and went to get Sher

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I tied my curly long hair into a messy bun and went to get Sher. Mikey, John and Sher were in the room already in their pjs.

Y/N: Oh my god, im shattered.

M: Me too, Im gonna go to sleep the now.

J: I should probably head too. Its my turn to drive tomorrow morning.

Y/N: okay, Sher I'm heading to the bathroom, be two minutes.

I walked down to the bathroom and closed the door, i just wanted to put away my toiletries. The bathroom door opened. I turned around and whacked the intruder with my deodorant can. "Ouch", Sherlock whispered. "What are you doing here?", i said as i took my messy bun out. I was cut off by a sweet passionate kiss. Eventually i had to breath away for air. I looked at Sher but at the side of my eye i saw Mikey and John standing and leaning against the door frame with a phone camera behind Mikeys back. Im not dumb of course i saw it but i chose not to bother. We all went upstairs. I gave Mikey a hug and John a hug and settled into bed. The next minute I felt a strong pair of arms wrap around my waist and i put my hands on them. Well tomorrow we were stopping off at Oban. I know its a long way but you cant ever question Mr and Mrs Holmes. They are always right. But that night, I had an awful nightmare.

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