more nightmares and Sakura curiosity

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Naruto's POV

I woke up screaming for the 10th time this night literally menma had had enough and kicked me out of out room literally he seriously grabbed me by my tails dragged me to the door and kicked me out and when I tried to says sorry he slammed the door in my face.

So right now I'm curled up on the floor shaking it happens at time I can't move a mussel but I'm forcing my self to at least crawl making it to sasuke's room I knocked on his door as I feel the hallway start to close in on my and my vision was starting to play tricks on my so I knock on his door even faster.

The door opened to reveal I very ticked off sasuke but he so calmed down "hey naruto what's wrong" he asked "I can't sleep menma kicked me out of our room cause I woke him up so much" I said looking down while shaking as he picked me up and took me to the kitchen "OK I guess we'll just to try some thing else huh" sasuke says as he handed me a glass of water.

"Besides I need you to stay awake during all our classes OK at lunch you can sleep once your done eating" sasuke says "o-ok" I replied as he nodded and kisses my forehead softly.

"Come sleep with me ok" he says before leaving to his room.

I decided to chug down my glass of water and hurried cut the lights off before running to sasuke's room to see him already in bed so I went over and climb into bed with him.

Falling asleep in his arms and purring softly.

The next morning I was awoken by sasuke who told me to hurry and get ready for school I don't want to get up but he told me he was gonna leave me alone by my self if I didn't so I hurried and got up.

Getting ready for school and had breakfast with my secret boyfriend and the other two I just ate silently.

Soon we went off to school at least my bad was packed for me so I didn't leave anything at home lucky me I don't wanna get yelled at by the teacher at all expecially when I've be not me lately.

Soon we made it to school after a long walk I saw Sakura looked around like she wanted to speak with someone of maybe me no she can't not now not ever.

Soon she spotted sasuke than me as she walked over to us sasuke noticed this and grabbed my hand hiding in the crowd "ok naruto I'm going to my locker go it yours and I'll see you at out first class or the principle ok" sasuke says as I nodded and we went our separate ways as I got the things I need I was glad I hid my 9tails and ears like always I don't feel like being talked to at all.

But a hand was placed on my shoulder as I turned around only to find Sakura "I got a few questions for you naruto" she says and I swear I hear the in demon in her voice.

"Um w-what is it s-sakura" I said don't juge she's terrifing ok "tell me why we're you boys gone for so long" she says as I started shaking as I remember what happened "menma already told y-ypu we were k-kid....." I could finish my sentence this is bad "hey Sakura what are you doing" someone yelled as she turned around to see ino "just asking naruto something to check and see if he's ok" she says, 'ino please save m......actually no flip that SASUKE' I thought "wow that's nice so how've you been naruto you know we were really worried when sasuke and sasukie disappeared you seemed to be gone to along with menma and gaara" ino says as she looked at me.

"Menma should of told you what happened" I said "ya if he told us your story should be the same" Sakura says 'ok now she just being mean' I thought while frowning unhappily while scared "j-just leave me alone" I said.

"SAKURA INO LEAVE NARUTO ALONE RIGHT NOW OR THERE WILL BE TROUBLE" someone yelled as I see it was sasuke as I ran over to him this is embarrassing but hey I was told that I was unstable from what happened at the place.

"Sasuke-kun" Sakura says as she seemed surprised "sasuke what are you doing arent...." Ino was cut off as sasuke began speaking "shut up I was asked to do this" sasuke says glaring at the two "come on naruto let's take you to the principles office then we'll got to class" sasuke says taking my hand and left I actually felt releafed but it would be better, if I wasn't being glared at by all the girls in the school building.

Soon we made it to the principles office as he opened the door as I saw principle tsunade when she looked at us "oh hello boys your here ok let's began ok and sasuke already informed me not to go to far with you naruto" tsunade says as she walks over to me and pats my head softly making me slowly but unsurly before moving away.

"OK please tell me everything that happened" tsunade says as sasuke covered my ears I think he started talking but I couldn't here him at all until he uncovers my ears "so that's what happened" he says as tsunade nodded "naruto how long have you been having these nightmares" she asks "the longest well they didn't happen as much as when I was in the forest of last night" I said as they looked at me, "ya naruto woke up 10 times last night screaming" menma says as he glared at me "naruto why didn't you tell me" Sasuke asked frowning.


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