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Pen Your Pride

At School

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Girls R Wearing:

(the girls r walkin down the hall way and see a poster)

Yani:(reading the poster out loud) Singing & Dancing Contest.Prize:Get a record deal & go on tour with mindless behavior.

shi:we can dumb a-

everybody ex. shi:SHI!!!

shi:wat i was gonna say dumb as he-

everybody again ex shi:SHIASIA!!!

shi:i was gonna say heck

(bell rings)

naenae:we gone have 2 sign up after class

keke:now duhh 

naenae:didnt have 2 say like that

keke:sure i didnt

*naenae & keke start arguing*

(15 min. after arguing the tardy bell rings)

shi:thats lest time for me the sleep in class

anye:stop arguing before i slap both of u i got 2 get 2 class

yani:since when did u start caring bout school


yani:then y u want 2 get there so quickly

anye:cuz mrs.broom said if i dont get there on time 4 once then i get detention

yani:o well we better get 2 class

everybody ex. yani &anye:k

*skipping class*

(in the cafeteria)

*somebody walks up 2 shi*

???:if u didn't want 2 be my friend then y didnt u say so

shi: kristena who told u dhat

kristena: brittney 

shi:ill be right bac (walks 2 brittney nd punches her in the face)

brittney:*falls out of her seat*

*brittney&shi start fightin*

*principal comes in nd stops the fight*

principal:detention u 2

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