Chapter 32 {Powers Explained}

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Sky's POV
I wake up and walk downstairs only to fail. No I didn't trip down them I started floating off them and in the living room. I hit the ceiling making a loud thud and everyone looks at me. I look down and see Ross wearing a squirrel hoodie "Changed your style Ross?" I ask "Ye." Responds Ross.
Mitch floats up and grabs my wrist, pulling me back down to the ground.
My legs are persistent and stay in the air "So how's your day going?" Asks Jin "Well I'm flying uncon-" I start before dropping to the ground "Scratch that." I say sitting up.
Everyone starts laughing and I join in. Mitch let's out a sigh and looks at the door "He'll be coming soon." Says Mitch "Yeah but we can take him!" Says Max "Yeah we know who's best to face who!" Says Aphmau "Plus we have Mitch to help stop them!" Continues Shelby "Yeah the probability of us losing is very unlikely!" Finishes Jin.
"I'm still worried about Quentin..." Mumbles Red "Why him?" Asks Cory "He's always done things his own way." Says Mitch "And we don't know how powerful he is." Adds Red.
"He still can't take us all on!" I say "Yeah we have more people!" Says Jin "Yeah I guess you're right." Says Red.

Jin's POV
Right as we finish speaking we hear people talking outside. We all run out the house to see Jerome, Quentin, Raven, Remi, and Tiffany standing before us "You know why we are here, so give us Mitch back!" Hisses Jerome.
I summon my trident to ready for battle "I would get rid of that if I were you." Says Quentin "Like we would ever do what you said!" I shout back. Quentin let's out a sigh "You can't say I didn't warn you." Says Quentin. He raises his hand and next thing I know I'm in a sphere of water.
I barely manage to create an air bubble to breath but Quentin quickly removed it, leaving me to struggle and try to escape before I drown.
I see Aphmau run up and start hitting the water, sphere, thing I'm stuck in and hear her muffled screams.
Through a blurry haze I see Cory running to attack Quentin but stop in mid stride then scream in pain. I look over to see Quentin, with a blank face, controlling Cory.

Ross's POV
Cory screams in pain as Quentin controls him "No stop!" Shouts Shelby. I see Quentin glance at the sphere of water Jin is trapped in. There are black streams slowly inching towards Jin's face. Suddenly they dart forward like a snake and hit his eyes. We all hear Jin's muffled screams and the air from his mouth float up. Jin quickly covers his mouth and shuts his eyes shaking with pain before passing out.
Finally Quentin releases Jin, letting fall and hit the ground "How could you do this!" Shouts Aphmau holding Jin.
Quentin looks back over to Cory and slowly clenches his hand in a fist. Cory refuses to scream anymore and stands there biting his lip.
I see Shelby standing next to me. I can feel the power coming off of her. With a flash of light Shelby transforms to Divine Mode. White angel wings are now on her back and her presence itself emanates a soft glow.
"I'll give one chance and only one. Let. Cory. Go!" Says Shelby. Quentin ignores her and clenches his hand into a fist making Cory scream.
Shelby flys at Quentin and swings her sword at him, barely missing.
I see Tiffany, Raven, and Remi attempt to attack her but in the nick of time I make holes underneath them and trap them temporarily.
Shelby manages to knock Quentin out "Shelby!" Shouts Aphmau as Shelby walks over. Shelby puts her hand over Jin's eyes and a white glow appears, then disappears. She smiles, stands up, and reverts back to her normal form, falling over. Cory quickly runs over and catches her.

Max's POV
When Ross trapped the three girls I quickly went and knocked them out. Now only Jerome stands. I go to try to fight him but Mitch stops me "No let me." He says summoning his sword. Red follows him summoning his dagger "I will take both you and the weakling on." Says Jerome summoning an axe "Fine then." Says Mitch "Chop chop." Says Jerome smirking and clashing blades with Mitch.
Red tries to attack from the side but Jerome summons another axe in his other hand and knocks Red back.
"See this is why we left you, you're weak and would only hold us back!" Says Jerome opening the ground underneath Red, letting him fall, then closing it and moving around the ground beneath us.
Mitch and Jerome continue to clash blades "How do we find Red now?!?" Asks Sky "Ross!" I say nodding at him. Ross nods back and o send electric pulses through the ground "He's right there!" I say pointing to the ground. Ross quickly concentrates and moves the earth beneath us, uncovering Red. We get him back up to the surface but he's unconscious.
I watch Mitch fly around Jerome and knock him to the ground. Right before he can get up I move at lightning speed and knock him out.

Cory's POV
Max and Ross go inside and grab some ropes to tie up Quentin and Jerome "What about the other three?" Asks Sky "They should be fine, their powers are going to wear off anyways." Says Mitch "Wear off?" Asks Sky "I'll explain inside." Answers Mitch.
As Max and Ross are tying Jerome he  gets back up "AHHHHHH!!!" Screams Ross punching him out cold again. Everyone stares at Ross "H-he startled me." Says Ross "Eh at least he's still out cold." I say picking up Shelby bridal style. Aphmau and Sky pick up Jin. We transport everyone inside the house and take off Quentin's and Jerome's accessory.
"Now what?" I ask "I want to know what you meant earlier." Says Sky looking at Mitch "Oh that." Says Mitch.
"Well Max gets his power from his necklace because it's fused with the Fire powers but I tampered with them to make Electricity." Explains Mitch "Okay." I say "But with the girls I somehow fused the powers in them, and don't worry it was a painless process." Continues Mitch "Alright." Says Sky "So Max's power will stay with him as long as he wears his necklace, but the girls won't because the human body grows and so over time it gets rid of the powers so new cells can come, and around tonight their powers should be gone." Finishes Mitch "Okay that makes sense." Says Ross.
"Wait you understand what he said?" Asks Max "Yeah, because body's grow it eventually disappear because it's not making the power itself, but your necklace doesn't do that so it keeps its powers permanently." Explains Ross "Oh I see now." Says Max looking down at his necklace.

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