To all the new readers, welcome!
I've been monitoring all my comments, checking them and trying to take all the advices I could get.

But there is something that bothers me and that's regarding how some of you commented how the plots of the story didn't make sense. Some didn't add up.

I know it needs all the help it could get, I understand my lack of writing skills.

But this story is undergoing major editing, just like I mentioned previously and will be mentioned again in the first chapter. Some of the plots are flawed, I need to change them a bit in order for the book to be perfectly readable.

I'm bothered but not pissed, so this is a reminder for everyone to be patient and add this book to your reading list and save it for at least another five months until I'm done going through each chapter.

Thank you for everyone that's reading this and kind enough to read my story.

Love WethinkhateAA

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