Carnival Drive (steve rogers x reader)

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A/N: eeep! so here's the first official part of Here In The Now! enjoy.

The rain pitter-pattered on the windshield, creating a systematic beat to soothe the two in the car

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The rain pitter-pattered on the windshield, creating a systematic beat to soothe the two in the car.
"I'm glad we got to do this." Steve said looking over to the driver.
"Yeah, me too. It's been too long since we've had a break." Y/N sighed.
A comfortable silence fell upon them, the only noise being the dulled music playing in the background and the rain continuing to pour down.
"Is it just me," Steve said breaking the silence, crossing his arms and leaning back into the passenger seat, "or did Maria and Fury insist that we drive to Coney Island?" she smiled, realizing the current situation.
"I guess so. They were probably setting us up."
"Like a date?" Steve grinned, as Y/N could see in the corner of her eye.
"Maybe so, but this is quite a terrible idea for a date, having to drive to the date in the rain, for like two hours." she mused.
"It's not so bad, we've got Sam's music and each other." She nodded.
"True. Maybe it is quite the perfect date."
"So Steve, how's everyone back at home?" Y/N said, trying to break the silence. He shrugged his shoulders.
"They're pretty good, and Nat and Tony keep on pestering me to-" he stopped, almost sputtering.
"Keep pestering what?" she asked, turning her head towards him for a fraction of a second before looking at the road again.
"They wanted me to come into contact with you again."
"Oh." she said, stoically. "Well you did." she said awkwardly.
"Well," he said, looking out the window, "I was severely nudged by Maria and Fury. Even to the point of calling this get together of into sort of a mission." Y/N chuckled, nodding her head in agreement.
"A similar situation with myself. They kept on persisting." Steve smiled fondly.
"I think it's a common thing they do. Also, I'm going to take a nap if you don't mind."
"Not a problem." she said with ease, adjusting the volume down.
"How much do we have in the tank?" Steve asked, notifying Y/N that he was awake from his nap.
"Not too bad, about two-thirds full." she replied, her eyes flickering shut then opening quickly. She slammed the breaks for a second before accelerating again. "Oh, sorry Steve."
"It's okay Y/N, and hey, do you need a break?" Steve said, looking over to her, his eyes filled with concern.
"I think it's okay," she said, stifling a yawn, "I'll be fine. Besides, we're about forty-five minutes from the island."
"Y/N, pull over. Let me drive for awhile." She had to agree with another yawn.
"Alrighty Steve-o." he chuckled at her response.
"There's a rest stop at this exit." he said pointing to the sign telling of a nearby rest stop at their location. Y/N changed lanes and went into the exit.
When she pulled into the gas station at a pump, they both got out, Y/N sitting in the passenger seat and Steve refilling the gas before sitting in the driver's seat.
"Y/N, I-" he said, shutting his door closed. He looked over at her, and she was fast asleep. She was curled up, her knees tucked up next to her. He smiled fondly, grateful for Nick and Maria's suggestion to take this trip.

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