From This Day Forth...

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In the European wilderness far from any prying eyes of Supernatural or Human life form, a council was being held. Stood below a large rock were seven wolves each seated close enough to the rock that if a sound was made they would be able to detect it but fair enough that the trees covered them in shadows. The soft breathing of each animal was all that alerted the group to a new comer shifting from the forest and climbing bravely upon the rock. The Wolf seated itself on the rock and shook it's grey pelt before glancing down at the shadow covered seven below it and then it opened it's mouth and let out a small growl in it's own way demanding the seven step forward as it shifted standing again. As the seven stepped from the shadows a flash of energy moved through the air and the forest itself seemed to hold it's breath.

From under the trees where the wolves had once sat, step out seven men, each one tall, strong, and naked. Though their lack of clothing seems to bother none it makes the grey wolf shake it's head before it shifts as well and soon standing above the older men below is a tall male seeing to be no older then 20. The male clears his throat and speaks in an accented voice, "Hello."

A low rumble from below is his response, many of the men below looking to be 40 or so, so the thought of taking orders from the younger man doesn't sit well with them. The man on the rock doesn't mind the unsettled men and continues, "I have called you here to discuss the Hunters whom search for our packs in the forests."

One of the men, a black haired male who is one of the younger Alphas, says softly, "What can we do? My Pack has had to move three times already and we have lost four pups!" His silver eyes narrowed and dangerous as he touches his heart, the others follow because the action was a sign of respect for the lost pups.

The Alpha on the stone nods and replies gesturing with one hand as a respect for the black haired alpha, "I Understand your troubles Sloone but I do not just worry for your pack but for all of our packs. There is only one way too solve this problem, that is to give the hunters what they want, a Pack."

From below snarls and flashes of fanged teeth can be seen and one of the Alphas from below, a red haired, pale skinned, and tall alpha growls lowly, "Are you asking one of us to sacrifice our families so you can live in peace, Jericho von Krist?"

Jericho, the Alpha who stood on the stone shakes his head and says, "Peace brother, I did not mean-"

Before he could continue Jericho was cut off by a smallest Alpha but the strongest, "Seamus is right, What do you plan to do while we are attacked and your pack in the Mountains thrives more? Do you expect us to just willingly let our young be killed before they can defend themselves?" His voice going rough and dangerous as the other Alphas join in the protest looking like they may jump and attack.

Sensing the danger that he may be in Jericho lets put a dangerous growl flashing his fanged teeth and emitting some of his Alpha pheromones, in a way reminding the others that though he is young he is the Alphas Alpha, the leader of them all. He says in a vicious tone staring down the others, "Listen to ME! I may be young but I am the Leader of us All! I will not ask you to kill your pups or let your omegas die, I only wish for you to listen to what I have in Mind."

Silence slowly falls, though it is a heavy silence of anger and distrust, a silence no less. After a minute of heavy silence, Seamus speaks easily his voice calming the other Alphas, "We will Listen Jericho but give no promises to agreeing to whatever plan you will give us."

Nodding Jericho says slowly, "That is all I ask.." He pauses collecting his thoughts before he continues, "I ask you who is the main cause of trouble for our packs?"

From below one of the men speak up, the alpha of the largest pack in central Europe, "The Lone Betas." His voice is chilled and his scarred face showing no mercy.

Jericho nods easily and says, "Exactly, Betas have been causing trouble for us since before my father was killed. They do not bend easily to the Alpha pheromones and try and take omega mates. They do not live for the Pack!"

Seamus and the other Alpha males all growl in disgust and Seamus says sharply, "Are you telling me you do not train your Beta Pack members as warriors?"

Jericho Lifts his head and says dangerously, "The Betas of our packs threaten our life style and our hold to control the pack."

The other Alphas murmur together in worry of what the young man will say. Softly one of the Alphas lift his head and say in a growling way, "What do you suggest then?" The others focus their eyes then on Jericho as he ponders how to answer.

Slowly he makes eye contact with each Alpha below him and speaks letting his voice raise slightly, "From This Day forth we will take every born Beta and send him off to satisfy the Hunters and save our packs."

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