48 ~ Felix

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If Felix hadn't seen Ryan grab his calf after Jordy shot him, she would be a complete wreck. Hopefully, the bullet hadn't done too much damage, and she imagined him hobbling around FBI headquarters complaining that no one had any leads to Felix's whereabouts. Or maybe they did. Felix hoped like hell he had understood her coded message about the crown. In order to reattach the transmitter, she had to lie to Jordy about being on her period so he would let her use a real bathroom instead of a shrub on the side of the road.

Felix still had to be careful about what she said. Jordy was not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he was trigger happy, and one slip of the tongue could have her saying hello to the dirt. The fact that she wasn't blindfolded had her hackles up. Maybe it didn't matter if she knew where Jordy was taking her. Dead men tell no tales, as they say. At least the landscape was picturesque, and she tried to enjoy the view just in case it was her last one.

Two sleepy hollows and several bison ranches later, Jordy pulled over. Felix didn't ask what he was up to, since he typically used the trees as his rest stop, but he didn't get out of the car. He reached across the seat and opened the glove box, pulling out a long strip of black fabric.

"Turn around. I'm going to blindfold you for the rest of the trip." Jordy's request didn't surprise her. In fact, it gave her hope that she might live to see another picturesque landscape. She turned in her seat so he could tie the blindfold over her face, and they got back on the road. Felix tried to gauge how far they had gone since the last sleepy hollow and how long it would take before they reached Belt, the next town according to the last road sign. Would that be their final destination? Did it have any decent restaurants? Her stomach was definitely protesting the grease-infused junk he'd been feeding her. Would he even let her eat?

"So, how far to Belt, Montana?"

Jordy grumbled, but she couldn't make out anything that resembled words.

"I just want to know if we're going to stop there. It's been four hours since that nasty dive in Forsyth and my stomach isn't used to being fed stuff that isn't fit for a human consumption."


"You've been the worst traveling buddy ever, you know that?"

"So have you."

"That's not true. I've been nothing but pleasant."

"You talk too much."

"Oh, that's right. You don't like to get to know your victims before you kill them. Makes it too personal."

"Shut up."

Felix obliged. She had updated the feds, which was about all she could do since her view had been taken away. Of course, sleep was an option, but she damn sure wasn't going to lower her guard with Zippy the gun-toting dickwad sitting next to her. Time passed insanely slowly with only her mind to torture her, but she used it to reminisce about Ryan. Would she ever see him again? Would they get another chance to fuck in a public library? There was so much more she wanted to do to him. Damn that Jordy, interrupting their couch sex.

The sounds outside the car window grew louder, and soon they were decelerating. Felix could only assume they had arrived in Belt. As the car drifted to a stop, she listened intently. Based on the sound of passing vehicles, she guessed they were at an intersection, an intersection that catered to big trucks. They sped up again but didn't get over thirty miles an hour. The car made a right into a parking lot, based on the bump, and Felix caught a whiff of greasy burgers. 

"I'm picking up food," Jordy said. "Do you want a hamburger or a chicken sandwich?"

Felix groaned. Jordy wouldn't have to kill her with a gun. He was going to poison her. "Chicken sandwich."

The person at the drive-up window welcomed them to Wendy's and Felix made a note of it. A few minutes later, they were leaving the parking lot with the car smelling like a frat house kitchen. Felix wondered if the woman who had given them their order noticed that Felix was blindfolded. Maybe she thought they were on some kind of kinky date.

"Thanks for choosing Wendy's," Felix said, adding to her trail of breadcrumbs for the feds. "Of all the fast food joints, they're the most tolerable."

Felix did her best to pay attention to the turns after they got back on the road. A right, an intersection, a left at the next intersection, then a right into another parking lot. Jordy swung into a spot and turned off the engine. Felix heard the crinkle of the Wendy's bag and Jordy handed her a sandwich. Apparently, she would be keeping the blindfold on for their meal, which didn't surprise her. The only problem she foresaw was losing the transmitter during the process, which would be catastrophic. She handed the sandwich back.

"I think I'll save mine for later."

"Are you sure? There might not be a later."

Any hope that had begun to sprout in her chest evaporated with that comment, and she imagined Jordy grinning, which he only did when he was being an asshole.

"You've never been in love, have you, Jordy?"

She heard him drop her sandwich into the bag then unwrap his own. After that, the only sound he made was smacking his lips. Five minutes later, he dropped his wrapper into the bag, and Felix heard the car locks pop. The door opened next to her and the smell of expensive cologne wafted inside. She immediately recognized the scent from her breakfast meeting with Donovan, and a sensation came over her that felt a lot like panic.

"Hello, Miss Taylor. We meet again."

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