Chapter 1

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Scott POV
It's been 2 years since my brother have been missing. Ever since the nogitsune flu out of Stiles, he was feeling weird like someone was watching him 24/7. I guess I should of been there with him.
"Scott. Scott.SCOTT!" Malia yelled at me. Trying to get my attention.
"Huh..ya what?" I asked confused why she yelled.
" I said are you coming to help look for Stiles."
"Yea, I just have to get something from my house."
"OK well hurry up before I drag you by your neck with my teeth." She said growling at me, showing me her teeth. I ran home as fast as I can to get my bracelet that me and Stiles got each other for Christmas. I smiled at the memory. I met with Malia, Liam, Kira, Derek, and Lydia. We then started to look in the woods for Stiles.

Thomas POV
I woke up taking a deep breath in as I looked around the room I was in. Minho and Newt was on the other side of me looking confuse as I am.
" Hey tom, where the bloody hell are are we?" Newt asked to be the first one to talk.
"I don't know"
There was a knock on the door ahead of us. When someone came in I thought was dead.
"Ratman" Minho growled. "What the shunk face you doing here."
" To put you in the third trail." He said with a scary laugh at the end.
"No!" I screamed making him life harder.
"Oh YES! I never thought that you three would survive."
"You thought wrong." Newt said.
Just then, a loud bang! Coming from the door and Ratman falling on the floor with blood coming out of his chest making a big puddle of blood around him. We looked up not knowing who shot him. There was a three men standing at the doorway looking at us.
"Come on, we need to leave before the rest of them come." One of the men said.
"Who are you?" Newt asked looking up at him.
"My name is George and we need to leave."
"Because I am going to put you with your families. Now come on!" George said while grabbing us.

We ran to truck and drove away from the place that killed our friends and family.

An hour or two later, we are at a house? "Where are we?" I asked.
"This is yours and Newt house. Minho is just a few a minutes away from yours." George said with a smile.
Me, Minho and Newt looked at each other and smiled saying that it's okay.
We walked up to the house and knocked on the door.
"Just a second!" Yelled a voice from inside the house. He opened the door and said "Stiles?"
"What's a Stiles?" Me and Minho asked the man. He just waved his hand and looked at George with a worried look on his face.
"I'll explain later when we have time." He said. And with that, we walked in the house confuse.

A/N I'm so excited to be writing this book for Teen Wolf Lovers and The Maze Runner fans! Also, if you haven't seen Teen Wolf season 6 trailer, be prepared for whats about to happen. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😔👍

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