The Hasni Twins Want Me

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The Hasni Twins Ask Me Out

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Xavier’s P.O.V



I groan my eyes still shut and I’m touching everywhere in search for the damn stupid alarm clock. I found it and throw it across the room. Rubbing my face and open my eyes getting up even though I don’t want to.

So today, I have Twin models coming in to take photo-shoots and Paul (photographer) and I have to choose only one pair of twins to be the top image of the new cologne brand, my friend Alec owns, “Alive” to put on my magazine, Vintage, I own. Which is a very, very popular Magazine, thanks to dad who made it happened.

Ugh I now understand the work my dad been through. I’m not saying it not fun and all but just a lot of work. Plus I’m gay so it’s extra hard not to faint over these Sex Gods U see practically every day.

I went to the bathroom took a quick shower, brush my teeth and step out. With a wrap towel around my waist went to my walk-in-closet and to get out a white cashmere sweater, dark blue jeans, and black uggs. Yeah, I wear girl uggs It’s actually comfortable, so what I wasn’t reluctance at first, but my lil sis force me to try it on so now I have two pairs of brown and white uggs, and three pairs of black uggs: though I don’t like wearing suits every freaking day.

I live like a God though. My dad gave me his mason and left with mom to go to travel the world together.

But my brother is in the army, god pray for him, please, and my lil sis is in college still.

I put on my outfit got on my Later Gator Full Pack backpack from… (A/n: Check them out, I got all my bags from them they are so cool. Check it out I’ll comment the website link.)… with some business paper work in it. Yeah I know I do not dress like a regular business man. Um… oh well.

 I went to the kitchen got some coffee and bagel to go from one of my house chef and went to the garage. Even though I live alone with my bodygraud George (it’s so lonely) my servants, chefs, and some butlers come here early before I wake up. Sometimes my old high school and college best friends would come and sleep over.

I went and go inside my garage to choose what I want to ride to work. Another reason I like about this business giving son father’s compand thing is that I get the latest and luxurious cars and motorcycles ever, but I’m not even a brat. I fine with what I got it’s just my parents spoil me.

I chose a motorcycle that is a MV Agusta F4 CC. I drove my way to work, when I arrive at my building reporters and paparazzi pop out of nowhere.

The car service workers I have on the job took my motorcycle into the job’s garage.

 “Sir, which twins is you going to choose for Vintage Magazine?

“Sir, what’s up with the outfit?”

“How does it feel to be gay?”

“Xavier, where is your father?”

“Carter, why did you accept your father to take the company?”

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