I stand in front of my floor length mirror, looking at a girl with jet black hair that flows past her waist, her icy blue eyes clouding with the tears that won't stop coming down.

My mother was taken from me, my father Nathaniel and my older brother Noel. While my dad was at work, my brother and I were with our friends, that's when she was taken from us. I knew I should have stayed home with her, this would have never happened. The thing is my mother has abilities to Sway, yet she didn't use them. Her Sway is more powerful than mine, I don't understand why she didn't use it. Maybe she was caught off guard?

 Noel and I got home the same time my dad got off of work, and my mother was no where to be found, but we picked up ad unfamiliar scent. My dad sent out three search teams, and they are the best ones out here.

Tears start coming down my face, neverending. Why would someone take a mother, a wife, and a bestfriend , from us? She was the most caring persin in this planet, i just don't understand.

After a minute Noel appears from behind me, looking at me with hazel eyes, same hair color as me, his hair stops at his shoulder, thick with small curls. He's about 5 inches taller than me.

"Nalecia, i know you don't want to move but they got to mom. They are going to come after you, me, and dad. Everything will calm down a bit if we're far from here, okay?" He says quietly.

I nod wiping the tears away that just kept on coming down.

My mom was my best friend, no, she is my best friend. I could talk to her about everything and anything. Of course my dad is easy to talk to, but my mom was there for me in ways noel or my father couldn't be.

My dad walks slowly up the stairs and into my room. When he see's us he wraps Noel and I in a massive hug, letting us know he'll never let us go.

"Noel, Nalecia, the jet is already at the landing so let's go, the guy's already drove everything their." My dad says softly.

We both nod. We wait for my dad to walk downstairs but he stands there staring at us.

"I love you both, don't ever think twice." My dad says kissing our foreheads.