Chapter 10

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||Shaylee's POV||

I watch as Xavier's mouth tilted a little upwards before gesturing to one of the waiters in the room. He whispered something in his ear and then the waiter left the room, probably to get the necessary items for the game.

He then turned his attention towards the still arguing men at the table, all the while his hand snatched the drink out of my hand and took the rest of the liquor for himself. "Gentlemen!" He cleared his throat and the men went silent.

"As you all may already know this is a serious matter that we have at hand, but let's leave that for later, and for now let's play a little game... What do you say to that?" He looked around at the men. I managed to get a look at the men too, quickly making an analysis of each of them, their habits, their movements, everything. This is a sort of 'gift', I've had since I was little, I can sense vibes, and such and the rest is just what my gut tells me, and usually when I go with it I always end up being right, so no reason to stop now right?

'There!' His behavior has been somewhat nervous; he's been very quiet about this whole matter too... I smirk when he finally looks over and into my eyes, 'Got ya, rat.'

I shift around and faced Xavier, "May I play in your place...?" I look at him. He raises his eyebrow at my request before whispering back, " As long as you know the rules and don't lose." he gave me a serious look before leaning back in his seat. I turn around to the table of men who looks nervous.

The waiter guy comes back inside to room with a plate and on it there's a gun. I smirk my whole body is getting worked up, my fingers begin to itch. I love guns, the thrills are amazing.

I felt a tap on my thigh and looked at Xavier he signaled for me to begin the game, I smirk and nodded.

I sat up straight or as straight as possible while sitting on someone's lap, "Okay so we're going to play a game of Russian Roulette, yay!" I clapped my hands with a smirk on my lips. Looking around I saw many eyes directed at me, like that's a new thing pfft.

"Why are your whore talking to us?" This was one of the men that had been speaking so highly a plan to catch the rat that he came up with but failed miserably at. I looked at Xavier out of the corner of my eye only to see him with a smirk and his hand firmly placed on my hip, one squeeze was enough for me to know that I was allowed to take action, my smirk only widened at that.

I stood up and walked over to the waiter and took the gun. "Well you see there's something I should tell you gentlemen, first of all, I'm not a whore but I know I'm hot. Second; I'm playing in his place today; I can't have the boss putting his life on the line for this." I winked at them as I emptied the gun for bullets, Eight bullets in total. I have seven tries. I have to think this through, I put back one bullet, spin it and see that the eight shot is the one with the bullet. And no that's not cheating when they don't even have a chance to see me doing it.

The rat is sitting as the 7th person on the table, dammit! I have to do something for this to work... Think fast Shay!

"I'll give you one chance to say something or leave before we start." I looked at them with a glare.

All of them visibly paled in shade but none of them got up to leave, damn so they're not pussies after all. I frown and sit down on Xavier's lap again and sent him a wink. What can I say I like to put on a show.

"Okay well there's no going back now, but let's play a rehearsal round first." I lifted my leg and took the silver gun I had strapped to my inner thigh and emptied it for bullets before placing a bullet with loose gun powder back in, the trick here being that none of them knew that. I gave Xavier the gun and he raises an eyebrow at me. I smirk at him before turning to the men again and looking at them all in the eye. "Shoot." I feel Xavier lift the gun pointing it at my head and pull the trigger with no hesitation at all, good. I smirk when I see the men jump a little. I take the gun and pass it to the nearest man at the side of the table. He puts the gun to his head and shoots. Nothing. I get comfortable on Xavier's lap as the game plays out. All of the men shoots without hesitation until we come to the rat. He shoots but he hesitated to pick up the gun. I lean back onto Xavier and place a kiss on his neck just for show, and whisper "There you have your rat." He stiffens and I smirk.

I hear the gun go of at one of the other men, I look up and see he's staring at the gun with a confused expression on his face. "I did say it was a rehearsal round gentlemen, now let's begin the real game." I take the gun with the actual bullet in it. I point it to my temple and pull the trigger, no need to hesitate I know where the bullet is after all.

I pass it to the man next to me and the game goes on as I begin to fill my gun with real bullets again.

At the 7th shot I see the rat is sweating badly, can't handle it huh. I stand up and go to the rat. He's looking at the gun. "shoot." I whisper coldly in his ear and he stiffens but pulls the trigger nonetheless. He passes the gun, "But what exactly will this game solve?!" he exclaims towards Xavier, he's sitting there sipping from his now refilled wine glass completely relaxed, "I wouldn't know, she's the one calling the shots at the moment." He smirks widely at the rat, I didn't really bother to learn they're names, sorry not sorry... I smirk when all eyes yet again turn to me, I point the gun to the rat's head. "This game was my way of finding you, rat." I say coldly. All the men stood up from their chairs, they began looking for their gun in their pockets, my smirk only widened because everyone had to leave their weapons outside of this room except me and Xavier. Peaks of coming as the big boss' escort I guess.

"Now isn't this hilarious." I laughed. "Everyone out NOW!" Xavier yelled at the men and they didn't stay one second longer in the room. Once they all had gotten out of the room I turned to Xavier. "Now this was hella fun!" I laughed, "I don't understand how you could point out our rat so fast." He was looking at me with a puzzled expression and a lifted eyebrow. "Well you see I have many talents, and being able to pay very good attention to my surroundings is just one of many." I smirk and lowered the gun. "So do you want him to talk or just kill him?" I really hope he wants him killed because my fingers are shaking from the adrenaline kick I get.

"I already know who he's been reporting to so he should just get a bullet in the head." He crossed his arms over his chest and went to get his wine glass from the table. I frowned, but that would be too easy...

"Aww... I was hoping to have some fun." I pouted and looked at the man sitting in the chair before me and sweating like a lot. Ha! He's scared, well you should have thought about that before you decided to snitch. "Fun? What torture?" He asked as he turned back towards me, now with a freshly filled wine glass, damn that's his what 4th glass already? He can hold his liquor really well. I smirked, "Yeah but I guess that will ruin my 'good girl' look won't it." After that I shot the man in the back of his head no hesitation and without looking because I was looking Xavier in the eyes while smiling innocently. "What didn't think some rich girl could be so heartless?" He just stood there. "Well what are we going to do now?" I ask while putting my gun back in it's holster on my inner thigh.

"Now we go back. I'll get someone to clean this up, hold up." He said and took out his phone and dialed a number, he spoke like 2 sentences before hanging up and coming back over to me. "Now we can go." He walked out of the room without waiting for me. Geez no thank you or anything, wow what an ass, a fine ass...


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