Chapter Five

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The table lapsed into an awkward silence. Chris and his girlfriend shot each other looks, while Fred held Marwan in a steely glare. Hannah sipped on her apple juice obliviously. But then she caught Chris's look of betrayal.

She crossed her arms. "What?" she challenged.

"N—nothing!" Chris exclaimed a little too loudly. People looked over from other tables. "I just failed a Calc test today, that's all! Marvin was supposed to help me study."

"Well," Hannah retorted, not seeming to buy it, "maybe you should've studied on your own."

A sliver of sweat made its way down Marwan's spine.

"No, Chris," Fred interjected, still glaring at Marwan. "What's really happened is that Marvin here's a big fat liar."

"Huh?" Hannah sat straight, anger flaring on her face. "How dare you—!"

"Wait, Hannah—Fred's right." Chris's girlfriend placed a hand on Hannah's arm. "Marvin lied about being your boyfriend. He said he wasn't attached, right before you came."

Hannah looked at him, her eyes wide with hurt and betrayal. Marwan's heart yanked painfully, and he watched as she burst into tears.


"No!" She screamed, pouncing out of her seat. Her juice box fell to the floor, where it emptied the rest of its contents across the tiles. Raising an arm to her face, Hannah pushed away from the table.

"Hannah, wait!"

"Leave me alone!" she ran off sobbing.

"Hannah!" Marwan hesitated and then shut his mouth. On one hand, this looked really bad because, well, he just broke someone's heart and all. He'd probably have to live the rest of his time here as a social outcast, since others would see him as some sort of player. But on the other hand, it made things easier. He wouldn't have to fall into anything immoral now.

He stood up, aware of the looks his 'friends' were giving him.

Even if he wasn't going to go after her, he needed to get out of here. He'd find a way to deal with public ridicule later. Now it was time to make Marvin Noah a little more like Marwan Doha.

But the question was, how could he do it?

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