The Next Steps

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Penelope's p.o.v.

I'm standing in front of the elevators waiting for the team. We just finished this long and gruesome case and I just want my family home. I'm secretly dating Derek for 5 months now and the team doesn't even know. The elevator doors open and the team slowly exits.

Derek hugs me and he kisses my neck. I giggle and push him away.

"Penelope I missed you" he says.

The team looks at us. "Well you can see me any time you want hotstuff".

The team laughs and separates. Derek takes my hands in his. We get on the elevator and wait for the doors to open.

"Penelope I've been thinking about this a lot. I love you and I want to marry you" he whispers and pulls out a small black velvet box.

"Lets elope" I say.

"Whatever you want as long as I get to call you Mrs. Morgan" he kisses me as the doors open.

We quickly move apart and run out the doors to his car. We hop in and he drives us to the closest court house.

A little while later the minister asks. "Penelope Marie Garcia do you take Derek Franklin Morgan to be your wedded husband through sickness and in health".

"I do" is my response. I feel tears in my eyes as I'm looking into Derek's.

"And do you Derek Franklin Morgan take Penelope Marie Garcia to be your wedded wife through sickness and in health" the minister asks Derek.

"I do" he says and I feel the tears slowly slide down my face.

"The rings" the minister says.

I slide Derek's ring on his finger and Derek slides on mine.

"By the power vested in me by the state of Virginia I pronounce you husband and wife" the minister looks at Derek. "You may now kiss the bride".

Derek pulls me close and gives me a spine tingling kiss. We run outside to the car and go home. At home we make love to one another. We eventually fall asleep holding each other in our arms.

The next morning Derek and I are walking into work hand in hand. JJ runs up to us.

"Hey guys we have a case. Everyone's waiting in the conference room" she says and runs to the conference room with us following her.

We all walk in and the team looks at us.

"Hey guys. Derek did you carpool again" Emily says.

"Yeah sure" Derek sits down and I sit next to him.

JJ stands in front of the table and begins to discuss the case. I grab Derek's hand.

"Hold the phone" JJ drops her papers and stops discussing the case. She grabs my left hand. "Look at that rock".

"You're engaged" Aaron asks.

"Nope married" Rossi says. "Look at the gold band. Its official she's married".

"Derek why aren't you blowing a fuse" Spencer asks.

"Why would I" Derek asks with his left hand covered.

"She's you're baby girl and she's taken now. She also didn't tell you" Emily points out.

"Yeah she's taken..." he looks around the table. "Baby girl who do you belong to" he asks me.

"You my love" I kiss him.

"But Penelope you're married" Spencer says.

"To me" Derek says and shows them his ring.

Emily and JJ start squealing. Aaron, Rossi and Reid keep saying 'FINALLY'.

Derek kisses me again and I can't help but chuckle. "I love our family" I say.

"What about the case" Derek asks with a smirk.

"Forget the case someone else can do it this is our time" Hotch says.

"I love you" I whisper to Derek.

"I love you too Penelope Morgan" He whispers back. We kiss once more.

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