Kiss the Demons From My Dreams

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Recappy From the Last Chappy: "This one wants men to realize that girls are just as strong and can accomplish just as much-that‛s why, instead of breeches, this one wears a skirt. To remind them that this one is a girl. And to top it off . . . . This one," her face turned red and she bowed her head to try and hide it, "This one . . . really likes Kiba . . . . Hearing it from him just made it hurt a million times worse."

Krystal furrowed her brow. She was becoming to involved with the enemy. What was she supposed to say to that? The flashbomb she had set underneath the carriage would detonate at any moment, so she needed to get to a safe distance-and fast. Warily she searched around with lavendar eyes, and seeing no other option, she portrayed a cat-like smile and pointed her finger as-a-matter-of-factedly, breaking character in the way she said the next line. "Well, Miss Hayden, I don‛t quite know what to tell you about Muttface over there," she stood, "but right now, I think it‛d be best if you duck and cover." She darted into the trees, calling for someone named "Luna."

"Krystal!" Hayden stood after, but widened her eyes and crossed her arms over her face to guard it as a light began to glow from underneath the carriage. Sensing the fraud and the danger, Kiba whistled Akamaru to him, and hopped onto his back, but before he could ride over and catch Hayden like he wanted to, the flashbomb detonated.

Chapter Nine: Kiss the Demons From My Dreams

The force of the bomb‛s flash had blown Hayden out of the clearing into a new one where a lake was present. Her eyes opened to the blue cloudless sky and she blinked to clear up the spots of color left behind. When she sat up, she felt wet hair settle against her back and looked behind. When she had fallen, her hair must have settled into the lake behind her. Or rather around her, as she discovered when looking. She had landed on one of many strips of land in the middle of a large lake. It‛s a good thing flashbomb‛s are more light than anything else . . . . This one would‛ve been a goner if it had been a regular bomb, she thought to herself. From the way things had played out, she could definitely be sure that the Krystal she had been speaking to was a fake.

She realized the fake also was the one who planted the flashbomb, and would have had the perfect opportunity while she had been causing a scene with Kiba, which made her feel a little grievance. That feeling was brushed away quickly, however, as there was no proof she had provided the distraction at all. Now‛s not the time for guilt, this one needs to find everyone el-

Unexpectedly, Hayden felt a pulling sensation on her ankle and was dragged into the water so quickly she was only just able to get a breathe before plunging into its icy depths, struggling all the while. After wiping them to better her underwater vision, she looked with her eyes to the ankle that had been pulled, but there was nothing there. Why is this one still being pulled under, then? She began kicking her feet and swam towards the surface, only getting so far being something forced her back down. This time it felt more like a push than a pull.

The breathe she had taken was released as she felt her lungs condense under the pressure in a scream as she brought her hands together to form the sign of the snake. Lack of oxygen to the brain hindered the concentration of her chakra and made her feel faint; staying underwater for much longer was not an option.

Miraculously, she was able to send a surge of chakra through the bottom of her feet that sent her sky-rocketing towards the surface and then landed on the ground whence she came. She coughed and gasped for air, each breathe hurting lungs that had commenced to tire. It was not until she could take a few heavy, deep breathes that she stood.

"Did you know, the brain can‛t survive without oxygen after about a minute and a half? You were underwater for nearly four," said a man with long silver hair and blackish blue eyes standing on the other side of the body of water. "You have lost brain cells you probably needed desperately," he shrugged. "Then again, most woman lose most of their brain cells from breathing in all that aerosol from hair spray. You look like one of them."

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