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Recappy From the Last Chappy: Was it possible that Sasuke was thinking of her? So much that she had sneezed over four times in the last half-hour? It was a possibility, even if a small one, and it brought a light feeling to her head again (until she sneezed, that is.) Maybe she was developing some allergy, instead. It did seem as though there was all of a sudden a strong scent of expensive cologne every time Maboroshi was around, and yet her eyes were not itchy or watery.

Dreamily she looked up in the trees, changing her expression when she momentarily saw a woman in there, but when she looked away and then checked again, no one was there. She simply shrugged it off, thinking it was only a hallucination from her possible cold. No big deal. She sneezed again. At this rate, I‛m gonna sneeze my friggin brains out! Angrily, she wiped her nose, annoyed by it‛s frequent involuntary blowing. Still . . . . If it‛s Uchiha that‛s thinking about me . . . Maybe it‛s not so bad—? "Achoo!"

Chapter 8: Prisoner

"Maboroshi-sama seems to have a larger guard than we would have thought . . . . They have brought Konoha ninja into the matter," observed a kunoichi quietly from the tree tops above. She reported back to her superior with a voice that was a little deep for a female. "There‛s . . . seven people guarding him plus a humongous dog—most likely belongs to one of the ninja."

"I see. They outnumber us, then. Tell me, Kakuju. Is there anyone in that guard whom Maboroshi seems to be particularly interested in?" The voice that replied was also female.

"He just tweaked some girls‛ nose, if that helps any."

"Hn. Well. You know what to do then and you better succeed or else the entire mission will be thrown off course!"

"I understand that, Akakana-sama. I‛ll get her, no problem."

"Okay." The crackling sound that followed told Kakuju that Akakana had broken the connection between their headsets and she turned hers off while watching the girl she had pointed out a moment before. She had been sneezing a lot, which is convenient as Kakuju had to kidnap her. If the girl was sick, then that meant she would put up less of a struggle.

The girl looked up for a moment, meeting eyes with Kakuju and realizing her presence to be out of place. In the time it took for her to look away and look back again, Kakuju released chakra from every point on her body so it would cloak her figure and make her appear invisible. The girl resumed daydreaming until the reverie was broken by another sneeze. From where Kakuju stood, this girl seemed like a ditz.

Suddenly, the girl jumped up and Kakuju was lead to believe she had been caught until the girl walked to the horses, unhooked them from the cart, and began to lead them away. Maboroshi quit talking to a girl that resembled the other and stepped towards Kakuju‛s quarry, as though having full intent of going with her, until she shook her head. She wanted to lead the horses to water on her own. Kakuju silently moved through the trees to follow.


During the morning‛s trek Krystal had not realized how hot the weather had been, most likely because of her mind being on other subjects. She had decided she needed some time to herself, which was the reason why she had declined Maboroshi‛s offer. As the horses drank their fill, she kneeled at the water‛s edge, having already removed her jacket and tied it around her waist. A black tanktop coming short at the same place as her jacket would covered the fishnet. Cupping her hands, she picked up some water and splashed it to her face, feeling better as it trickled down. When she opened her eyes, she looked at her reflection.

If this keeps up much longer, I‛m gonna end up a hindrance to this mission . . . . I don‛t want to burden anyone—ESPECIALLY people I don‛t know—with my problems just because he keeps popping into my head without warning and I get distracted. If Maboroshi-sama felt he had to make me pinky promise to be cheerful . . . . She sighed, smacking the water with a hint of malice when she saw Sasuke‛s face instead of her own.

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