house of night series poems

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Eyes watching always

shadows in shadows they wait

a black feather falls

First accepted, loved

then betrayed – spit in the face

vengeance sweet like dots

They done


Like ink from a busted pen

Thrown away ‘cause of someone else

Used up

But he comes back

Dressed in night

Fine as a king

With his queen

The wrong

Made right

So right

What once bound to him

will make him flee

place of power – joining five






Joined not to conquer,

instead to overcome

night leads to spirit

blood binds humanity

and earth completes

She comes back

through blood by blood

she returns

cut deep now

like me

humanity saves her

will she save me

A double edged sword

one side destroys

one release

I am your Gordian knot

will you release or destroy me?

Follow the truth and you shall:

Find me on water

Purify me through fire

Trapped by earth nevermore

Air will whisper to you

What spirit already knows:

that even shattered anything is

possible if you believe

Then we shall be free

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