Chapter 10

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Wendy's POV
I'm so tired and stressed. I decided to skip school and just sleep until I go to work. I can't wait for work, where I get to bake! It can help keep my mind of off things.


I arrive at work. I have to bake a dozen chocolate cupcakes, 1 vanilla birthday cake and a Bach of cookies. It's going to take some time but I'll finish it fast!

I finally finish it! My boss was proud of me, he said I was doing great for beginner.

I was then asked to be the cashier since someone had to leave early. It was pretty easy but then he walks in.

Min Yoongi. 

He doesn't notice me but I try to hide, I cover my face with a hoodie (playful kiss, oh Han ni as a cashier scene)

I could see through it so I managed to do it. I turn around after I go his order. I hear the door close meaning he left so when I take my hoodie off and turn around.

He's still there!

We both just stare at each other. He looks at me confused but then just walks away. Why does my heart beat so fast when I meat him randomly!

Like stop beating so crazy! We don't need him.

After my job was done I go home again but it wasn't late so it was crowded. On my way I see Taehyung. He runs up to me.

T: What are you doing?
W: I came from my job, I'm going home.
T: You have a job? Daebak. Did you eat yet?
W: No
T: C'mon lets go eat. I'll pay.

We decided to eat pizza. After hanging with him we got closer.

I hang out with him more. I don't feel what the  same when I'm with suga but I'm still happy.

The weekend is over now and school starts. Ugh.

I get to school early so I decided to look around. I got to the rooftop, I decided to just rest and listen to music again the wall.

I hear someone, open the door.

It was Taehyung, he was shocked to see me but We ended up just talking. We were getting ready to go to class when another person opens the door.

Of course. It's Suga, he has to be everywhere. We all just stood still until Taehyung just decided to walk past him but he grabbed onto his arm they stare each other but he just shook it off and we went to class.

It was lunch time I decided to go home but Taehyung asked me to eat lunch with him.

"Hey come eat lunch with me."

He did a bit of aegyo so I had to agree.


He smiled at me and linked our arms to go but I reached out. He noticed and just pulled me by my clothing. 

Suga's POV
When did Wendy and Taehyung get so close. It bothers me. When Wendy went to the bathroom I went up to Taehyung.

S: Yah when did you get so close to Wendy
T: When you left her all alone.
That made me pissed, I grabbed his collar and pulled it up close.
T: What your going to hurt me like you did to Wendy.
S: Shut the fuck up!
I punched him hard so he could fall to the ground. He punched me, we were throwing, punching kicking each other. I can hear the people in the cafeteria talking about us. They're all watching us.

Those annoying girls keep saying  "NOO oppa don't ruin your face"
Does it look like I give a fuck?

I miss Wendy, I didn't realize how much she meant to me when I left her! Wendy came back, she looks shocked but pissed also. I can hear the teacher running but Wendy just comes and tries to break up our fight. She's soo small and fragile why does she think she can stop us.

Wendy's POV
I'm in the bathroom cleaning my hands when sooyoung comes up to me and pulls my hair.

W: Yah what do you think you're doing!
I say while releasing her hand from my hair.

"It's all your fault, that their are fighting and it's ruining their beautiful faces! Are you happy?"

God she's so annoying.

W: Listen I don't know who or why their fighting but don't blame this bullshit on me.

She tries to slap me but I grab her hand and slap her back. 

"Ugh, idiot it's SUGA AND TAEHYUNG!"

Wait, what? I let go of her and run to the cafeteria I see them punching each other.

Their both bleeding badly, as much as I'm sad I'm annoyed.

I try to stop the fight, they probably think I'm some weak little girl, huh just wait. When I grab their arms I pushed both of them back.

The teacher finally comes like where was she before all this fighting.

"Wendy, Suga and Taehyung detention all 3 of you for a whole week!"

W: Wait I didn't do anything wrong

"Look at you, don't think I didn't see you push both of them."

W: But that was to--
"No it's or buts, you ALL have detention and if any of you guys talk back I'll make it 2 weeks. Understand!" 

She walks away, and I'm still here in the middle of them. Great detention with them 2 for a whole week


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