Lycanthrope information:

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Lycanthropy: The act of transforming into a werebeast such as werewolf, werebear, wereboar, werecroc etc.

Lycanthrope(Lycan): A being that can undergo transformation into a werebeast

Lycan Government Classes:
LC: Lycan citizen
Feral: Lycan that has lost control
Wild: Lycan who lives in peace with wilderness and their beast
Heretic: Lycan that does not follow/agree Lycanthrope laws
Rogue: Lycan that disrespects the lycanthrope laws and follow their own
Alphas: Lycan that are in charge of lesser Lycans
Cursed: Lycan that hates or rejects the beast within them

Moon effect:
The moon that a Lycan is born under determine its power and it's ranking. The stronger the illumination and the more of the moon is shown determines the new born Lycans strength. Those born under the full or new moon are the fifth and fourth strongest. Those born under the blood moon or blue moon are the third and second strongest.

Kitsune and Nogitsune:
The kitsune is a mystical nine tailed fox that takes on a host and lives within a human granting the human it's abilities. They are the leaders of the Blue moons. A Nogitsune is a dark, evil nine tailed fox that does the same thing to a human only causing it to have a darker nature. They are leaders of the Blood moons.

(If their is still confusion, through out the book everything will be defined in a more explanatory manner)

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