Chapter 9

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Author's note.
I changed characters. Instead of kyungsoo it is now Taehyung. Everything is still the same.

Wendy's POV

I'm so tired, today was a long day. All the streets are empty it's quite I can feel the wind, it's nice and peaceful. I felt so calm but I felt like someone was following me. No one's here so it freaked me out.

I tried to walk faster but there was a shortcut through the alleyway but I'm not dumb enough to to do that.

When I turn around I see no one but I still feel it. I decide to look back one more time, same thing. When I turn around to go home someone appears right in front of me. I was about to scream but they covered my mouth. How did they get here so fast?

By the hair and strength it seemed like a guy and I was scared to death. The person was about to drag me to his car I ended up taking their hat off. He was wearing a mask but his eyes were red. It scared me even more I decided to kick this guys balls and run.

I run really fast and went  somewhere crowded I was too scared to go home but I have no friends either. The only one I trusted was him, but he doesn't want me.

I decide to just stand here while people walk by , Someone approaches me.I realized it was Taehyung. He was probably wondering what a girl was doing at 11:30 just standing I was too scared to be alone so I was talking with him.

T: What are you doing here?
W: I'm just getting some air?
T: I can tell your lying it's all over your face.

Shit he saw through me.

W: I'm just here because I can't go home or I don't want to.
T: Wae? Are your parents mad at you? Did they do something to you?

That hurt me, I wish they were, that way they can still be with me. I remembered how they would always comfort me at times like this when I'm scared.

I broke down. I started crying, memories of my parents kept replaying and how shitty my life is.

W: Ani it's just - my parents they they died.
T: I'm so sorry I didn't know. Then how come you don't wanna go home.
W: I'm s-scared.
T: You can stay with me for today?
W: Really?

Wait I can't stay with him. What's happening to me why am I becoming weak! I started to talk in a cold tone.
W: Never mind. I'm fine I'm going now.
T: you don't seem fine.
W: I am so just go.
T: At least let me walk you home.
W:Just leave me alone!

He tried to touch my wrist but I flick it off and start walking fast from him. I got home safely luckily that creepy guy didn't come back.

Suga's POV
I'm walking around the streets because I can't think straight! I see Wendy, she's standing there all alone. She looks scared and lost. I wanted to help her I felt sad. If only I could still be with her.

I then see Taehyung walk up to Wendy. What does that dick think he's doing with my Wendy.

I'm getting angry seeing them two talk. I decide to use my hearing to listen to their chat. It's nice to hear Wendy's voice again, her voice is sweet, it's smoothing and relaxing.

I hear tears, I see Wendy crying. What did that f**k  tard do to Wendy! Seeing Wendy cry made my heart break. I never realized how much I would miss her now that she's gone.

I'm surprised she's crying in front of Taehyung that gets me mad. I continue to listen.  WAIT WHAT he inviting her to his house?

Aye that's my Wendy you go reject him!
I can't stop laughing, he got left but seeing Wendy cry, I don't want to see her cry ever!

I hope she's okay.

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