Part 6 ( I WANT A KISS)

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Nandini helped manik to getup from bed..!! His write hand was on her shoulder and her left hand on his waist..!! With help of her he headed towards car.

Manik you sit in car I will be back..!! Nandini said and about to go but he held her hand.

Where are you going ? He asked her raising his eyebrow.

To meet doctor I will be back..!! Just five minutes not more..!! She said with smile and walked inside the hospital again.

I want to know who brought Mr.Manik Malhotra here..!! Can you give me the details..!! Nandini asked as soon as she entered inside the doctor cabin.

Sure Mrs. Malhotra just wait for few mints I will be back..!! He said walked out of cabin.

Here is the detail's of the person..!! Doctor said giving nandini a piece of paper.

Thank you doctor..!! Nandini was about move out she heard doctor calling her.

Mrs. Malhotra take care of manik he should take rest for 2 months..!! Doctor said with smile.


Manik aapne soup piya..!! Nandini asked coming inside the bedroom after completing her kitchen work.

Nahi mujh na... Hmm... Haa I want to eat alu paratha..!! Manik said licking in lips.

Nandini smiled at his cuteness.

Nahi milega parata..!! Chup chap soup pilo..!! Varna mai aapko hospital mai wapas join kardethi huh..!! She said with smrik on her face.

Manik gulped his saliva listening hospital..!! He had enough of 2 weeks in hospital.

Nahi... Nahi.. I don't want parata I will drink this soup..!! He said taking soup.

Nandini just smiled..!!


Nandini please yaar..!! Its has been 4 weeks since accident happened please..!! Manik said turning his head other side

No manik you cant doctor said you can't move your hand till month so stop arguing..!! Nandini said while feeding him.

Please nandini I can't stay like this its sweating..!! Manik said with puppy face...!!

But manik you are taking spoung bath na daily..!! Nandini said.

Haa .. But I want to take shower..!! He said making pout.

Acha let me ask doctor ok now stop talking and have his soup..!! She said while moving spoon towards his lips.

He nodded his head and opened his mouth to have soup with cute pout.

After that nandini moved out of room to call doctor.

Manik doctor said if you can move your hand properly than you can take bath..!! And he said not to use your right hand more..!! She said check his hand.

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