Part 56 🐶

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Donnie re-did the DNA test on the baby. He originally took the blood to see if their were any diseases or any mutations deeper than the skin's appearance. If anything it wasn't for his own personal gain. He was doing it cause he as worried. He then asked Raphael and Leonardo at Seperate times to come into his lab to get blood tests, He just made up some excuse that sounded reasonable. He then realize it wasn't Leo's baby. It was Raphael's baby. But Leo and Raphael were actually real blood brothers unlike Himself (Don) and Mikey who werent. Thats where the confusion started making sense. He was picking up on Leo's DNA before he even got to Raph's DNA. He relaxed in his chair and felt 500 lbs of weight lift off his chest.

Down at the docks~~

"Whats the next plan boss." "We try and steal the baby from Sacks. Same plan just..differently."

TO be continued.. Comment below :D

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