Chapter 3

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Sky's Pov

As we arrived in the End I saw the Ender Dragon flying around. It landed in the middle as it saw us.
As we walked up to her she turned my way. "Hello Sky." She growled.

"Hello Ender." I said. "Good to know you haven't changed."

"I must admit." She growled. She was reshaped into a girl. "I like my style."

Jerome's jaw dropped. Seto pushed his jaw back up.

"I guessing you're here for Ty?" She asked.

"What happened to you naming your kids fierce names?" I asked. "Like Crusher."

"I've moved on from that." She said.

"Do you mind calling them?" I asked.

"TYLER!" She yelled.
Nobody came.
"I'm gonna skin him alive." She stormed off toward one of the pillars. A hidden door opened up and she walked in. "STOP LISTENING TO MUSIC AND GET OUT THERE!"

Seto gave me a weird look. "Believe it or not this isn't the first time." I sighed.

Ender came out with a boy behind him. He had the ender dragon features along with the modern teen look. "This is Tyler." Ender said. "He's whinny but powerful."

"As long as he can disobey orders." I said.

"Good luck on that." Ender said flying away.

"Now that she's gone can I go back to my room?" Tyler asked.

"Sorry Tyler you're coming with us." I said.

"Call me Ty." He said.

"Are you able to hide your hybrid form?" I asked.

"It's modern times." Ty said. "It's not exactly the time where dragons destroyed kingdoms and princess existed."

"Carful boy." I said. "You dishonor my kingdom and you will not like the consequences."

"Okay okay." Ty said. He put he out on two purple bands around his wrists. His ender features disappeared and he looked normal. "Where are we going exactly?"

"To look for the others." I said.

"What others?" Ty asked.

"You all are part of a prophecy." I explained. "You all come from a specific bloodline. So far we have the bacca bloodline, the sorcerer bloodline, and now the ender bloodline. We still have to gather a few others. The Canadian bloodline, the Pokemon bloodline, the Assassin bloodline, the wither bloodline, another ender bloodline, and the wolf bloodline."

"Pokemon?" Jerome asked. "Isn't that a card game?"

"You have to remember that these bloodlines started centuries ago." I said. "We should search the Nether. We may find the Canadian bloodline."

"How much longer?" Ty complained.

"I'm not sure." I said.

"WHOOOO!" Someone yelled. We ran to the side of the cliff to see people surfing in the lava.
We climbed down to see. They were surfing on boards of nether brick. I waved at them. One of them was the Canadian bloodline.

They surfed to the shore. "Yo." One of them said.

"I'm Mitch." The Canadian said. "And this is Bodil."

"My name is Sky. This is Jerome, Seto, and Ty." I introduced us.

"What are Overworlders like you doing down here?" Bodil asked.

"We came here looking for the Canadian bloodline." I said looking to Mitch.

"Me?" Mitch asked. "No. I can't go in the Overworld."

"Is it because of Devin?" I asked. "If it is I'm gonna-"

"No." Mitch interrupted. "I'm still in training."

"You're the son of a demon, how can you still be in training?" I asked.

"He hates his demon side." Bodil said.

Mitch shoved Bodil off his board and into the lava. While Mitch was laughing he was pulled into the lava.

"Well they're both dead." Ty said.

"Not exactly." I said.

Bodil flew up out of the lava. He just hovered over the lava.
"Get back here." Mitch said breaking the surface of the lava.

"Then use your demon side and fly." Bodil taunted while flapping his arms.

Mitch swam over the the nether rack and climbed out. "Nice try Bodil." He said.

"Do you think you could get a shirt on?" Jerome asked. I think I could see his cheeks get a little pink.

"No." Mitch said. "Me and Bodil are still messing around."

"Actually I think I'm gonna head home." Bodil said floating over to the nether rack.

"Okay man." Mitch said tossing Bodil some sunglasses.

"Mitch will you please come with us?" I asked.

"Not going to the Overworld." Mitch said.

"That reminds me." Bodil said searching through his pockets. "You forgot your tags." He tossed Mitch some tog tags.

"Thanks." Mitch said putting them on. "Now I can go to the Overworld."

"Why are those tags so important?" Jerome asked.

"For one they're enchanted." Seto said.

"They help me hide my demon." Mitch explained. His red eyes faded to a light brown. "Bodil tell Devin I went to the Overworld."

"See ya." Bodil said. After that he teleported off.

"Let's go." Mitch said.

"Shirt." I reminded him.

"Oh ya." He realized.

Once he got his shirt on we headed to the Overworld. It was the middle of the night and we were in the middle of a forest.

"Anyone know where we are?" Mitch asked.

"We need to get out of here now!" Jerome realized.

"Why?" I asked.

"Just trust me." Jerome said. "I know a tree house near by. We need to get off the ground." Jerome grabbed his axe and lead his way through the forest.


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