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(Original Content. Medieval AU)
Prince Adrien wakes up in a dark room. He blinks a few times trying to move but he seems to be tied to a chair. "Welcome your Majesty." A dark voice booms.

A lantern is brought into the room. The voice belongs to no other than Hawkmoth. "Why am I here?" Adrien shouts. Hawkmoth shushes him.

"I believe you have information that I want."

"About what?"

"The ancient miraculouses."

"I know nothing about those."

" Fine. I'll have to resort to drastic measures."


"The Temptress will be here soon."

Once sunlight was shining through the window, the door creaked open. A girl with short black hair walked in wearing an oversized coat. "Hello."

"Hello." Adrien says. "You're the temptress?"

The girl smiles closing the door and takes off the coat. She stands in a white lace panty set and Adrien is at a loss for words. "All you have to do is tell us where they are." She says sitting on Adrien's lap.

"I don't know where they are."

"My darling prince, even a theory would be able to set you free."

"I told you. I know nothing." Adrien says. The girl grinds against him.

"Darling. If you just tell me one thing, you can have any piece of me you want."

"Fine. There could be one held at the Temple Run mountain." Adrien sighs. The girl frowns noticing he's upset. The world then goes black for Adrien. The girl gasped as one of Hawkmoth's goons hit the prince over the head. The girl wrapped herself in her coat, thinking of a plan.

Adrien woke up in a small bee, in a small house. He looked around and the house looked something like a cottage. "Oh good, you're awake." The girl smiles.

"Where am I?"

"My home. I couldn't let them hurt you."

"Why, you work for them?"

"Only because they had my husband."


"They killed him not to long ago, but I have to repay Hawkmoth for helping my family."

"Hawkmoth helping people? What a load of bull."

"He wasn't always such a horrible person. He gave my family money so my mom could be healthy."

"Oh. Well I'm sorry for the loss of your husband."

"Don't worry. It's not like I was in love with him."

"Isn't that why people get married? Because they are in love with the person?"

"I only married him because it was my mother's dying wish. He was the only person who wanted to marry me. Too bad he couldn't have been a decent person and love me for something other than my looks."

"So why did you stay with him?"

"I didn't. I divorced him once my mother passed away. All I cared about was her seeing her dream come true. Only problem was that he never left me alone."

"I'm sorry."

"Stop apologizing and eat the soup." The girl sets down the bowl of soup in front of Adrien.

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