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7 years old
"Mari! Mari!" Adrien yells skipping down the stairs to catch up with Marinette. The girl stops walking to wait for her best friend.

"Adrien!" Marinette giggles. Adrien smiles and walks in pace with Marinette.

"Mari, I've been thinking that we should get married."

"I like that idea, but I couldn't marry someone shorter than me."

"So if I grow taller than you like this," Adrien says stretching to raise his hand above Marinette's head. "You'll marry me, right?"

"How about we see if the time comes, Shortie?" Marinette smiles crossing her arms.

15 years old
Marinette smiles heading to her locker with Alya talking, "so you and Adrien were best friends when you were little, but you still get flustered around him?"

"Yep. He use to ask me to marry him a lot, but now he's the best looking guy in all of Paris and can date any girl he wants." Marinette blushes.

"That's quite the compliment." A familiar voice chuckles. Marinette blushes harder and closes her locker door to see Adrien leaning against the other locker.

"You weren't m-m-meant t-to hear that." Marinette stuttered.

"I'll leave you lovebirds alone!" Alya says running off to catch up with Nino. Marinette blushes as red as one can be, meanwhile Adrien smirks.

" S-so, can I help you?" Marinette smiles. Adrien, still smirking, lifts his hand above Marinette's head with ease. Marinette then remembers what he asked her when they were seven.

"Do you see me now?"

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