Chapter 9

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//Andreas pov//
-I can't believe I caught (y/n) singing on video!!!! She sings so good! I wish she could join my choir...sadly it's not my choir, hence me not being in it anymore, because I moved...I used to live in America...before that in Venezuela!  I miss America I had such a great life back there,  but who cares! I live in Paris man! PARIS! The city of love~ and I also got a boyfriend! My very first boyfriend!  I mean they say opposites attract, but Nathan and I have a lot of things in common and we've been dating for 7 months, I mean we both LOVE to draw,  we are shy around strangers (most of the time), we both speak French, we're both in love with each other, we both watch anime [deal with it] etc...anyways I was getting ready for school...personally, I don't like school, I don't hate it, but I don't loooove it either.  I got out a grey shirt with a hybrid of the British flag and the American flag (I really like Britain) some light blue jeans, AoT 'Wings of Freedom' socks, and I let my hair loose [that is her exact hair color]

  I got out a grey shirt with a hybrid of the British flag and the American flag (I really like Britain) some light blue jeans, AoT 'Wings of Freedom' socks, and I let my hair loose [that is her exact hair color]

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-I walked out of my house and took the bus to school, my dad is a lawyer and my mom is a Biologist, they both work full-time so they can't drive me to school...but I really don't mind it's been like that since I was little. I put my earbuds on and the song 'Warriors' by Imagine Dragons, I love this song! I reminds me how bad the world is and how grateful we should be for those who wish or who will fix it for us.

As a child you would wait, and watch from far away, but you alway knew that you'd be the one to work while they all play.

It was a long ride to school because the bus stopped every now and then picking up other passengers in the bus stops, and dropping off people too.

In youth you lay, awake and night and scheme, of all the things that you would change but it was all a dream...

My stop was the next one, only a few people were left in the bus, I recognized a couple of kids that went to our school.

Here we are don't turn away now, we are the Warriors that built this town.
Here we are don't turn away now, we are the Warriors that built this town, from dust.

The bus stopped, I stood up, grabbed my bag, paid the driver, and walked to school. I saw (y/n) in the distance, Nathan and
(Y/n) were the only ones who know my whole backstory, like where was I born and all that cheesy emotional stuff, I never really bothered to tell Marinette, Alya or Adrien.

"(Y/N)!!!" I shouted, she looked at me smiled and waved,

"Hi! Nice AoT shoes!" She said, I got her to watch anime, hehe :)

"Thanks man! I got them in Japan when my dad went for work reasons over Christmas break! Man do I love these shoes!" I said smiling like a know that smile all to well! (Y/n) was trying not to laugh, I don't know why she would laugh...

"BOO!" The voice said, I jumped and slapped the person behind me,

"FLUFFING SHARE!" I shouted, I opened my eyes and saw Nathan holding his cheek while laughing, I was so flipping mad! But he is adorable so I kissed him, he immediately shut up,

"I love you cinnamon roll~" I said

"I told you not to call me that~" he said chuckling, then he put an evil smirk on his face and started chasing me, until he caught me and started tickling me.

//your pov// (finally!)
I laughed at the couple, they were so adorable, I'm so happy they ended up being boyfriend and girlfriend...why? Because I made a bet with Adrien that Nathan would fall for Andrea and not Mari...and because they make a great couple, always making each other laugh, especially Nathan making her laugh, after all the pain she's gone through after all, Nathan is like her light she can't live without him and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be 100% happy if she wasn't here...

"Bonjour mon petite Chaton" Adrien said,

"Oh! Bonjour handsome~" I said laughing a bit at the nickname,

"What were you looking at?" He asked me,

"At Drea and Nathan, they make such a great couple!" I said

"Are we a great couple?" He asked, hugging me from behind,

"We are a perfect couple" I responded, I could feel him smile,

"No, we are more than perfect" he said,

"Yeah we are a masterpiece!" I said, we laughed, indeed agreed on his comment, we are more than perfect, he loves me and I love him dearly. We walked to class, the school year started 6 months ago, so we are half-way done, after this it's off to the real world...I don't know if I'm ready...but I still have that slight adventurous feeling inside me telling me to go and explore the whole world.

"Okay class! We are going on a field trip next week! We are going to Loire Valley Châteaux!!! It's just like going inside a fairytale! Isn't this exciting?" Our teacher said, most class nodded, Chloé looked unamused, as always, I bet she already has traveled to every single place in France!

Our teacher handed out the permission slips for our parents to sign, I was excited, I bet it's like DisneyLand, but without the rides and all that stuff.

"Isn't this exciting (y/n)?" Adrien said to me I nodded, this was going to be an awesome trip.

-time-skip after school-

-finally! Freedom!!!!!! I walked out of school, today I stayed with Adrien at his house, so I rode in his car.  The ride was silent.  When we arrived to the mansion, Adrien walked me to his room, his father wasn't home yet.  We stayed at his room and played video games, then we tried roller skating...I said tried.  I suggested a movie, I was searching through his movies and found titanic I haven't watched that movie,

"How about this one?" I asked Adrien looked at me like if I had two heads,

"Why not?" I said, he sighed in defeat...

-time-skip to the part of the sinking-

I was crying waterfalls (like me when I watched it 😭) it was so sad!! Adrien was rubbing my back, trying to calm me down...I said trying. 

"I-It's just s-so s-s-sa-saaaaaaaddd!" I sobbed, Adrien chuckled and gave me a peck on the lips, I cried even more stuffing my head in his pillow...the movie ended and we both fell asleep on the couch...

Young love!

'Mon petite Chaton' 'my little kitten'

HOPE YOU LIKED!!!! *sobs* summer is almost over...

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