47: Doctor Blood

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The legend of Doctor Blood begins with an old cemetery near Lansing, Michigan. A wealthy family, with the last name Blood, lived in the area and they built the cemetery on their land, some time in the 1800s. They say that the Bloods were a family of doctors and each successive generation of the Blood family produced at least one doctor.

The last surviving memebr of the Blood family was an old man named Doctor Blood. He was reclusive and lived with his wife in the run-down family mansion. The couple kept to themselves and neighbors rarely saw them. Kids in the area were afraid of the old ramshackle mansion beside the graveyard and gave it the nickname "Blood House".

As often happens when there is a scary old house in the vicinity, a legend grew up around Blood House. Kids who lived close by began to spin stories and spread rumors. They said that Doctor Blood had murdered his wife. According to the legend, he had killed her with a shotgun, then chopped up her body with an axe. When he was finished, he hung himself from a crooked tree in the cemetery. The story was that the cemetery was now haunted by the ghosts of Doctor Blood and his wife. Their parents said the rumors were untrue, of course, but all of the local teenagers beieved them.

One Halloween night, the moon was full and it lit up the night sky. Fog rolled in from the nearby lake and it was drifting over the cemetery. A group of friends, two boys and two girls, decided to go out to the old cemetery at midnight. They had heard the legends and believed that the cemetery and the house were abandoned.

The atmosphere was dark and forboding. By the light of the moon, they could see the old gravestones. Some had been toppled over and others were broken. The cemetery was overgrown and the weeds were about knee-high. They stepped through the rusted iron gates and saw a sign hanging above them that read, "Blood Cemetery Keep Out".

One of the teenagers had planned to play a prank on the others. He had taken one of his mother's old white nightgowns and, when no one was looking, he hung it from the crooked tree in the cemetery. However, before he could put his plan into action, he heard one of the girls let out a blood-curdling scream.

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