Part 54 🖌

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It's 50 days later and your water broke as you were being rushed to the hospital. Without you knowing as you were in the ambulance that was going straight down the street; the turtles garbage truck turned a sharp turn to end up right behind the ambulance. "Ahhhahhh!!!!" you screamed. "its gonna be ok ma'am. Just breath." An ebony female assured you. You weren't sure what her position was but she was the only one talking to you and you just wanted someone to be there by your side at the moment. You clinched the side of the metal bed and threw your head back into the cheaply made pillow as your eyes squinted hard. Your breath hissing through your teeth. "AHHAHAHH!!" The ambulance stopped as you were rushed into the ER for immediate attention. "Its ok, breath, breath, breath." You did as such. The turtles truck busted at a Screeching halt and they all raced inside. Everyone stared at them and raph got even more attention as he marched up to the front desk. "I need to see Y/N L/N." "She hasn't had her baby yet. Your going to have to wait." "But i have to get inside." "no offense but i can tell your not family either." "but.." Leo pulled on his arm; not harsh though for him to come and sit. "come on raph." They boys sat in the waiting room avoiding most eye contact. "How do they know someones here if they just got here?" mikey asked. "what do you mean?" donnie asked. "Well y/n was rushed in by an ambulance, how did she sign in?" "Well they do it with connected technology. The computers are linked to the Ipads." Mikey nodded understanding. He looked over at his elder brother Raph. Raph's leg was tapping up and down at a fast pace as his hands were intertwined with each other in front of his face with his boy hunched over. Mikey wanted to say something but wasn't sure if he even should.

45 minutes later..You could tell raph's patience was out. He put his hands on his thighs as he said "Alright, i'm-" a nurses cough stopped his words. His eyes focused on the man. "Your allowed to enter the room now." Raph stood up as did the others. The male nurse was intimated at first but then did his job and showed them the room.

🎶 Well i just heard the news today, seems my life. Is gonna change. I close my eyes, begin to pray. Then tears of joy, stream down my face. With arms wide open. 🎶

Raph was the first to enter.

🎶 under the sunlight...welcome to this placceee...i'll show you everything..with arms wide open. 🎶

You sat there pale and tired holding your new baby. Raph knelt down next to you "hey." he said softly. "Hey" you answered weakly.

🎶with arms wide open🎶

"How are you?" "alive." He smiled "can i see it?" you held out the baby for him to take.

🎶 guitar solo 🎶

You handed him the baby. He stood up from his knees and was holding it.

🎶 well i don't know if i'm ready, to be the man..i have to be. I take a breath, I take her by my side, As we stand in awe as we created life. 🎶

"Its a baby girl." the male nurse informed him. He looked back down at the baby girl with a smile on his face and shook his head "a baby..girl. Wow." He chuckled as he looked at his brothers "this is actually happening. I'm a father." Mikey walked over and looked at the baby. "awe its kinda cute. I kinda expected something..different." raph smiled at Mikey. "Did you- did you just see him smile at me. wow you must really be happy." Leo and don walked over and looked at the girl. "Mind if i hold her." Don asked. "yea sure." Raph okayed. He walked away; like 5 inches away. "So I have a few questions for you to answer on this piece of paper if you could." the man asked you. you nodded as you took the clipboard from him. Raph read the things that were on it from afar. Without anyone looking Donnie took a syringe hiding under his bandaged up wrist and took some blood. The baby started crying so donnie had to hurry. "whats goin on?" raph asked. Donnie turned around with the baby crying "its probably the chilly air. its so used to be inside something." the nurse informed. "That's exactly it. Listen to him, he smart." Donnie said as he tapped his temple. Raph gave a weird look towards Don as he said "ookaaayy." raph took the baby back and slowly moved his body side to side slowly. Then you heard screaming flood the halls outside the closed door. Then it went silent. Leo and Mikey walked in front of the bed while their hands were on their weapons. Raph held the baby still going to protect it the best he can from anything. Then the screaming stopped. It was silent. A foot busted down the door. A big man stepped forth with a purple dragon tattoo going from his one arm to the other shoulder with long blond hair. "I'm going to have to take that baby from you now, sir." He explained as he put a machine gun against his chest and shoulder. "I don't think so." Leo told the man. "Oh well you see, I Know i'm gonna be taking that baby." "Why do you want it?" "Don't you know that bad men don't explain their plans before they execute them. I mean its like you've never been through this before." Hun said as he wailed around his gun with his gestures. "who is this?" Mikey asked. "Name's Hun." "Like attila the Hun?" Don asked. "No not like Attila the Hun." Hun answered with his face making fun of Donnie with his tongue hanging out. "This is taking to long." He shot his gun over and over as rounds shot out of the side like a river. Smoke filled the air as something swift took the baby from Raph's arms. Raph being used to the smokey air because of ninja practice he spotted the person. It was a black girl with bleach blond hair in a bob-cutt hairstyle. He ran after her as he ran quite quickly. He then threw a throwing star at her calf. She fell as the baby flew into the air. Raph jumped up and curled the baby up with his body to protect it from the hard white polished floors. As he was standing up something was injected into his neck. Raph looked behind him to see what hit him then he pulled out the small silver/clear dart and his vision was becoming blurry. A man came up to him and took the baby. Raph could make out the man's face though. "s-sacks." his words slurred like a drunk. He collapsed and fell over. "good work gentlemen." ' Although i'm insulted that Hun betrayed me. Trying to take this baby from me.' he thought. You ran down the hall limply after the men that had already left. You stopped at the front door "NOOOOO!!!" you sobbed at the front door as you hugged the glass door. Donnie running down the hall past the dead people. Leo and mikey following behind. Leo ran to Raph's aid. "RAPH!" He kneeled down and moved him. "raph?" "He must've been hit with a tranquilizer. Lets take him home." Leo picked him up and walked out to the Truck. You laid on the fuzzy carpeting as did Raphael. 'This reminds me of the day i went crazy and ran to the beach' you remembered. 'but now instead of loosing my mind, i lost my baby..again.' (you know cause the first one died.) Leo drove as Donnie tested the blood from the vial in the truck. It was a silent and tense. "Oh." donnie said "What something wrong donnie?" Leo asked looking into the driver's mirror. "No, no nothing wrong back here." he chuckled that ended with a ehhhh. He looked at the DNA anaylitics. 'This can't be right. The baby's DNA consists of Y/N and leo's. not raphs. So this is Leo's baby? But how? I remember back at the barn Leo was upset about something. I wonder..Did Leo's mating season get ahold of him? This isn't good for Raph or Y/N.' He thought. Donnie looked down at you passed out on the carpet. He didn't know whether to tell you or not.. To be continued...

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