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michel: wadDUP

luke 😌💖: idk

luke 😌💖: the sky

michel: omg

michel: ur no fun

luke 😌💖: ouch

luke 😌💖: that hurt

luke 😌💖: anyways, do you think we're gonna actually face-to-face meet up? it's crazy how we still haven't seen each other yet even though we go to the same school

michel: oh i've seen you many times

luke 😌💖: wtf really why didn't you talk to me

michel: because you're a cute boy and i get shy around cute boys

luke 😌💖: what's the REAL reason mikey?

michel: oh now we're doing nicknames?

michel: ok, lukey

michel: no but seriously, that's the real reason

michel: i always see you walking around the halls, being all cute while carrying those books.

michel: idk how carrying books is cute, but for you it is

michel: oh yeah, when you ruffle your skirt, it's so cute ohmygod, i just want to walk up to you and kiss you

luke 😌💖: i'm so flattered

luke 😌💖: i'm sad that i've only seen your face from your profile pic

luke 😌💖: and i barely see your face in it, i can only see half of your face ):

michel: do you want me to send a full-face selfie or

luke 😌💖: i mean if you want to

michel: ok

michel: new picture message!

michel: there u happy now

luke 😌💖: you're so fucking hot wtf

michel: ok we all know that you're hot stop talking about yourself

luke 😌💖: michael i stg if you deny that you're hot @ school, i'll fight you

michel: i bet you won't even fight a fly

luke 😌💖: that's true, but NOT THE POINT

luke 😌💖: meet me at the music room after school (:

michel: are you gonna be there

luke 😌💖: gtg soz

michel: hello?

michel: luke?

michel: ok obviously you're gonna be there

michel: ok bye

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