Remembering Sunday

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"Holy fuck Pete I swear to god I will fucking end you if you say one more word about Patrick." Brendon groaned, shoving pillows over his ears as he lay upside down on the couch watching his friend vent.
Patrick and Ryan had left for the day to hang out, both becoming close ever since Pete threw the celebration party.

"Shut up fuckface I had to hear you tell me about how hot your boyfriends dick was yesterday, now it's my turn." The boy glared back, taking in a deep breath before continuing his stressful rant.

"So basically a few nights ago, he had a nightmare or something and now he sleeps with me every night and it's so adorable. I really want to tell him how I feel but I kinda think it might be too much to deal with right now...." Pete trailed off, watching his friend for an answer.

"Come on. It's obvious Patrick and his dad weren't close and he's over it by now. Your just making excuses to be a little bitch and not talk to him. With Ryan, it was hard to tell him how I felt because I didn't know how he felt back. With Patrick? He adores you. I have to warn you however, I wouldn't say I love you yet. His Dad was an asshat and god knows what his mother was like. He has had no love ever shown to him so take it slow. Say you really like him but I wouldn't go as far as love yet unless your truly confident." Brendon said.

Pete just stared at him in awe.
"I know, I know, I'm a genius. I get it all the time. Now are you gonna stare at me or are you going tell your fedora boy how you feel?" He asked, pulling out his phone to call up Ryan when Pete's mother appeared at the door.
"Hello boys! Peter, I have some very exciting news! Your father is hosting another banquet in honor of his new business opening tonight and he would like you to come and meet some of his employers. We would also like to invite Patrick as well if you would spread the word to him." She smiled, leaving the room before he could protest.

"Please do the honor of killing me." Pete sighed, face planting into the couch. "Sorry, I have an actual life to attend to. Hey, look at the bright side. Patrick will be there." Brendon smirked, getting up as his boyfriend entered the room.
"You better fucking do it or I will." He threatened before linking arms with Ryan and walking out the back door.

"What was that about?" A shy voice muttered out in confusion causing Pete to look up at the perfect boy who was now sitting next to him. "Nothing... But It appears I'm taking you out shopping." He smirked, grabbing his car keys.
"Why?" Patrick asked, following him out to the car.
"Because my parents are assholes."


"I look bad in a suit." Patrick sighed, looking at his reflection nervously through the mirror. He didn't particularly want to go to the banquet and meet a bunch of rich old doshe bags but if it would please Pete's parents then he was all for the idea. He had to suck up- just until he was 18 and then he wouldn't have to put up with the homophobic remarks and shitty views.
A lot of things had changed since he moved in with the Wentz's but one thing that never seemed to differ was Patrick's self confidence. He still thought he looked bad in everything he wore and that he was ugly but that had never changed and it probably never would.

"shut up, I bet you look adorable." Pete instantly insisted from the outside of the bathroom, waiting for the boy to be done.
"I doubt it." He answered, opening up the door.

Looking over, Patrick had a pristine white suit on, his usual glasses and a perfect white fedora perched on his combed hair. He looked fucking hot.
But the same could be said for Pete however, elegant black suit masterly tailored to him, hair spiked in the perfect mess. "You look really nice." They said at the said time, instantly blushing before brushing it off and walking up to the living room where the parents were waiting.

"There you boys are! Oh you look simply dashing." The boys mother grinned, braclets clinking together as she moved.
"Indeed. Maybe you finally meet a nice girl Peter." His father chimed in, leading the way outside to where a limo waited.
The two adults sat near the front while the boys sat in the far back where they wouldn't be heard.
Patrick could feel his palms sweating as he looked over at his friend, confused. Why did he feel so nervous, almost as if there were butterflies in his stomach? Never had he been this flustered at the mere look of Pete and now he was practically shaking.

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