46: The Little Boy

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One hot, sweltering Summer, many years ago, people who lived in new Mexico began picking up strange messages on their CB radios. The messages were from a little boy who said his name was Larry and he was asking for help. He said that his father had been taking him on a trip to hunt rabbits. They were in the middle of the desert, miles from nowhere when the red and white pickup truck they were driving ran off the road. The truck flipped over and they were trapped inside. His Father was laying on top of him and wasn't moving.

The messages were reported to the local authorities and the police launched a search for the little boy in the foothills of New Mexico. Despite the fact that some people thought it was a hoax, the police took it seriously. It was definitely possible that this child was somewhere in the desert.

However, Larry had no idea where he was. He was struggling to answer questions and became confused easily. Some people thought that perhaps he had a head injury. He said his legs and knees had been hurt in the crash.

By the second day, Larry was not transmitting regularly. Other people joined in the conversation on their CB radios. Some of them were concerned citizens who honestly wanted to help. Others were hecklers who wanted to make fun of Larry.

Some of them tried to ask questions that might pinpoint where exactly in the desert the truck had crashed. They asked Larry what he remembered and what had he seen just before the truck flipped over. Others would just scream at him and call him a fake.

By the third day, Larry's voice was growing weaker. He said that his father hadn't moved at all and searchers were sure the man must be dead. Hecklers taunted him, shouting, "You're going to die too, Larry! You're going to DIE!!!!"

At last, Larry's voice was growing very faint and he said he knew he was going to die. Over the radio, some people laughed at him and shouted, "DIE! DIE! DIE!" Shortly afterwards, Larry's transmissions faded away and he was never heard from again.

The police didn't have much to go on and the case remained unsolved. A family who had a son named Larry were reported missing, but eventually they were found in a different city, alive and well. The police even came across an overturned truck in the desert that seemed to fit the description. However, there was nobody inside.

In the end, the police called off the search. Was it all a hoax? Or are the skeletal remains of a little boy named Larry still lying undiscovered somewhere in the New Mexico desert today? perhaps we will never know.

One of the amateur CB operators was quoted as saying, "I personally have never had any doubt that this is the real thing. I heard the kid crying. I just can't believe it isn't the real thing..."

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