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Driving up to her home in Malibu, Lindsey held Stevie in the backseat, Sulamith curled up on his lap. Karen, pulled up to the front door and then opened the back door of her car, Lindsey giving the dog to her as he stepped out, reaching for Stevie as she slowly stood. He'd never seen her so helpless and afraid, keeping her close to his body as they walked through the front door, Stevie wincing at the sight of her stairs, Lindsey lifting her up in to his arms as he carried her to the bedroom. "I bet you're wishing you stayed in Santa Monica, huh?" laying her down on the bed as she shook her head, no.

"Don't..." snatching his hand, "...don't go. Do you have to go?"

"No - no, I don't have to go," sitting on the edge of the bed as she inched her way closer.

"Thank you," letting her eyes close. "Could you bring me my nightgown that's in the top drawer of my dresser?"

Nodding, Lindsey made his way for the dresser, pulling out her long black negligée as he handed it to her. Stevie wasn't modest, removing the shirt and pants Karen had brought from her condo and slipping the nightgown over her head. It felt good to be in sleepwear, turning on her side as Lindsey opened one of his eyes, having closed them as she willingly undressed; he caught glimpse of her thighs and pulled the rest of the nightgown down, rubbing her hip. "Is there anything else that I can get for you?" asked Lindsey.

"Thirsty, I'm thirsty," turning her head around to face him.

"Okay, I'll go -"

"No!" sitting up. "No, get Karen to do it - I don't want you leaving me. I don't want to be alone."

"Alright," taking his phone out of his pocket as he called Karen, her confused as she answered, Lindsey explaining the situation as he then hung up with a smile. "She's bringing you a glass of water," sitting down on the side of the bed as Stevie nodded, curling back up with his hand near her cheek.

Lindsey wished that he could turn back time, that he could stop this from happening to her, knowing that this had forever changed her. Would she ever heal? He didn't know but he would not give up; never give up.

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