Here's the first chapter to my first short story! Hope you enjoy! 

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Chapter 1

          Like any other little girl, I had always been afraid of the dark. I slept with my Barbie nightlight by my bed that lit up stars around my room, which I counted as I fell asleep. Darkness was something that held many secrets and many things, and it can crawl up on you and consume you. I used to think that there were monsters hiding in the darkness, waiting for me to be alone to grab me and drag me down to their home.

          Almost every night when I went to bed, I used to cover my entire self under my comforter, shutting my eyes tightly in hopes to fend off the demons that I believed existed. As if my comforter was a strong barrier that they wouldn’t be able to penetrate, and for some time, I had believed that.

          My mother, aware of my fright of the dark, used to always tell me that the darkness only exists so we could see the stars shine. Hence, her getting me a Barbie night light that lit up into stars. She and my father did everything they could to make me more comfortable in the darkness, and I appreciated that.

          Until I made one of the most horrifying discoveries an eleven year old could make.

          I still remember it, clear as day. I had woken up in the middle of the night to a sound of a chair falling. Grabbing Mr. Cookies, a teddy bear my grandmother had given me for my sixth birthday, I got off my bed and walked out to the hall, my bare feet against the cool wooden floor.

          It was the middle of the night, extremely dark. Quietly, I walked down the hall and into the living room, before stopping short. In the middle of the room, a chair was on the ground. I had looked up to see a dark figure hanging from the ceiling fan, slowly turning.

          A scream escaped my mouth, my eleven year old heart beating faster than it had ever done so before. My mother, my beautiful mother, had hung herself.

          I think that was when I had officially been terrified of the dark, because I knew that almost anything could be held in the darkness. My worst nightmare had happened in the darkness, and I was the first to witness it. I had witnessed my mother’s body, lifelessly hanging from the fan in the dark with only the light of the moon drifting in through the window.

          Six years had passed since that night, and I still got nightmares about it. My father, ever since my mother died, had been so strong for the both of us. He kept a roof over our heads and provided food on the table, and I helped along while working at a cupcake shop. For only two people, we were doing a pretty good job.

          “Hey,” my best friend, Suzie Garcia, smiled as I opened the door. “Should we go?” she asks, adjusting the strap of her bag on her right shoulder.

          I nod, smiling, as I step out of the house and shut the door, locking it. We stepped out in the cool Rhode Island air, the sea breeze travelling to my house. Our house was technically a beach house, but I loved it. In the evening, I'd go out barefoot and walk along the shore, much like I did with my mother when I was younger. 

Suzie and I walked down the driveway and stepped on the sidewalk, cars occasionally passing us. The two of us were headed off to an Imagine Dragons concert that we had saved money for. I was excited, to say the least, and the arena wasn't too far away from my house. It was a perfect evening for a concert, really.