9. Pleasure & Pain

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Jay rolled off of me and dragged me in behind him just as the sliding door opened. The man walking out carried a carton of beer on his shoulder.

"Hey, there you are." His eyes widened then a cheeky look crossed his face as he first noticed my bikini bottoms on the floor and then me cowering behind Jay. 

"Am I interrupting something?"  He asked, his eyebrows wiggling playfully. 

"Yes, fuck off."  Jay growled and I almost laughed at how sullen he sounded.  His visitor mocked hurt and held his hand over his heart. 


"Fuck Cam, get out." 

He grinned, clearly enjoying himself.  "Aren't you gonna introduce me?" 


"Awww come on Jay."  He whined, imitating Jays childlike voice. 

"Cam this is Mia, now get the fuck out." 

His eyes turned to mine and I couldn't help but return his smile. 

"Nice to meet you Mia, I'll be back in half hour to meet you properly." 

He placed the beer on the table and retreated back the way he'd come.

Perhaps it was my nerves or maybe Jays reaction but I couldn't help but laugh.  Jay turned to face me, a look of uncertainty on his face which made me laugh harder and he finally relaxed and laughed with me. 

"Sorry about that."  He mumbled as I wiped the tears from my eyes. 

"Jay, it's fine.  No harm done."  I said as I giggled. 

He gave me a genuine smile before leaning over and brushing his lips over mine. 

"You're amazing."  He whispered against my mouth as he kissed along my jaw, reaching that spot on my neck that he knew excited me.

His hand came up to grab my breast, his thumb gliding over my nipple until it was hard and then he gently squeezed it as he kissed his way down to the other.

"I love your tits." He murmured before teasing my nipple with his tongue. My fingers were tangled in his hair and my back arched as I called out for more.

"Oh." I cried in surprise as he twisted my nipple as his teeth grazed the other, the quick shot of pain over before it even registered. And then he did it again for just a little longer, before doing it over for longer each time as I cried out for more, my voice growing raspier and he growled out his pleasure.

Lifting his weight slightly, he reached between us and I felt him removing his shorts, his large erection teasing my entrance before sliding inside.

The welcome intrusion made me cry out breathlessly. I felt Jay smile against the flesh of my breast and he pulled back and quickly pushed back in causing me to cry out again.

"I want to hear you scream my fucking name." He growled as he repeated the process. Each thrust was harder than the last and I gripped his shoulders to keep from moving up the bed.

I was lost in him, the only thoughts I could form were of what he was doing to my body, how hard he was fucking me, how completely he was filling me.

His lips were on mine and I moaned into his mouth as I tugged on his hair until we broke away to breathe. 

"Mia."  He whispered against my neck, his warm breath coming out in short, sharp bursts.  He gripped my breast in his large hand, his rough thumb gliding over my nipple until it was almost painfully hard. 

"That feels so good."  I breathed against his ear. 

"You feel so good baby."  He panted as he suckled my neck.

I was lost in him, completely lost in everything Jay. A word, a kiss, an innuendo.... a touch. Whatever he did, whatever he said, wherever he touched me, I was lost in him. It was something I'd never felt before and something I couldn't fight. Not that I wanted to.

I threw my head back as Jay traced my collarbone with his tongue. I had always hated Liam's tongue on me, it was sloppy and wet and made me feel as if he was spreading his germs on me, but with Jay, I wanted more. I wanted his tongue to explore every inch of my body. Every single fucking inch.

"Jay." I screamed as I raised my hips to meet his, my hands clutching his waist, my fingernails breaking through his flesh as he pounded into me again.

"Babe, I need to cum." I moaned, wondering when the fuck I'd handed that decision over to him, but excited that I had. And I sensed the moment that he realised it too. The instant he growled low in his throat and held onto me as he thrust his cock so deep that I couldn't make a sound, I couldn't fully express how fucking good it felt because I completely lost my voice.

I gripped him so tightly as my pussy clenched him with everything I had, his grunts acknowledging that he understood.

"Now Mia." He almost shouted and we released together as I cried out his name. I could feel him emptying inside me, my pussy squeezing every last drop and more. My mouth attached to his shoulder, unintentionally bringing his blood to the surface as he groaned against my neck.

"Jesus. Fucking. Christ!" I moaned as my body started to relax, but in no way felt normal. Every nerve in my body felt as if it was exposed, my lungs finding it difficult to fill to capacity, my mind accepting the fact that I'd never feel the same as I did in this moment. It was a turning point for me, one that Jay would forever own and one that no one would ever make me feel again.

We held each other for minutes or hours, or who knows maybe only seconds.  But in that time, we clung to each other as if our lives depended on it.  It was the strangest feeling, but in its own way the most natural feeling in the world.  Something had changed between us and I knew he felt it as much as I had.

"Babe."  He mumbled against my shoulder.  "As much as I want to stay here forever, Cam will be back soon."  His jaw clenched when he finished the sentence and I couldn't help but laugh. 

"I'll shower and meet you back out here , okay?" 

He growled and nodded, watching me as I walked back into the house.

I ran through it all as I showered, from the moment I arrived to the moment I stepped into this bathroom and there was nothing I could fault.

He was perfect, everything I wanted in my life and for the first time, I allowed myself to actually consider the holiday we would soon be taking. 4 whole weeks with him. 4 weeks filled with the excitement I'd experienced in just 2 short days.

There was no doubt in my mind that I'd made the right decision.  I just hoped he felt the same.

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