Chapter Five

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[Chapter Five]

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[Chapter Five]

As he assumed before they even left the building of St. Mungo's, Ringo had no choice but to follow Vivian, to where she resided in a small flat, much his displeasure and protest. He didn't understand why they simply could not leave him be, he heard their reasoning, but he didn't agree with it. Since the night it all went down in the Dabney residence, Ringo had not hurt one hair on the head of another soul. In fact, all he did was bring about entertainment to those travelling and visiting, or those that were in need of a little show. He didn't seem the harm in it, Albus had a problem with him stealing money though. However, the bastards never tipped him well for the act that he put on. Pulling out simple pocket change, perhaps if he was a muggle magician that would be acceptable but Ringo knew his worth and it was beyond pocket change.

 Yet, the other adults didn't see it his way either and that meant that Vivian had become his guardian by the end of the day and she was responsible for his actions and his well-being. The woman was nice but like all the others that irritated Ringo, she never seemed to stop talking. He didn't want to make small talk with her, he preferred sitting in silence rather than listening to her going on about her day at St. Mungo's. He prayed to Merlin that when they arrived at her flat that she would be exhausted from running her mouth and eventually fall asleep leaving him in the peaceful silence.

But when they arrived, Vivian only thought it would be nice to give the boy a tour of her home, which she made the note to point out that it would be his home as of that moment as well. Ringo didn't agree with such a statement, it was a place for him to live, but it certainly wasn't his home no matter what she said.  Of course, there wasn't much to show off as she lived alone. He ignored the majority of what she had to say as she pointed out the small kitchen and down the hall where the washroom was located. He looked over at a small shelf that rested near him. Dragging his finger across it, a lump of dust formed at the end of his finger before he held it up for her to clearly see. 

"Yes, what a fantastic place you have here," he said wiping his finger against the leg of his trousers, his voice full of disgust. He didn't notice or he simply didn't care as Vivian turned slightly red in embarrassment before she began brushing off the remaining clumps of dust that had gathered.

"I apologise," she began, "I'm not here very often to clean or tidy up. Normally, when I get here, I eat something, have a shower, and head straight to bed. Although, as of late, I've just been walking in and falling asleep right on the sofa."

"Is that where I'll be sleeping?" Ringo asked her, eyeing the green sofa that he believed had once been a much different colour at some point.

"No, " Vivian answered walking towards the back hall and motioning him to follow her. "I have a spare bedroom, you know, just in case family or friends ever have to spend the night. But you can gladly change it to how you like it. I give you full permission to decorate the room to your liking."

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