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Freddie: Hello, darlings! It's me, Freddie, and I am here to help with your life struggles.
Brian: So am I!
Roger: Me too!
John: And me!
Freddie: This is our way of thanking you for loving us enough to go mad.
Brian: Just ask a question, and we'll answer it, and give our advice.
John: But you may want to lower your expectations..we're not very good at advice.
Roger: Aw, John, that's a load of crap! We're smart! We can help people!
Freddie: Um, well, I think I'm with John. But who cares if we're idiots, it'll be fun!
Brian: ...Anyway, just think of this as an advice column type thing. Comment your questions or problems, and we'll write a chapter dedicated to you with our answers and solutions. Oh, and if you want it to be anonymous then just private message your problem to the wonderful hillsideofvelvet!
John: And there's not really any way for us to know if your problems are real, so get creative!
Roger: We'll answer everyone's comments as soon as we get the chance. First come first serve.
Freddie: We'll all give advice on each chapter, but you can request to only have one of us answer if you would like. And I think that's all we have to say. Ask away, Lovies!

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