XXXIX- The Last Stage

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Indianna looked at the flyer taped to her locker and a cold feeling filled her. She ripped the flyer off and crumpled it in her hand. She sighed and closed her eyes, her mind going back to that night.

"I'm sorry," she whispered and looked at the crumpled up picture on the flyer. "I'm sorry, Cassie."

"Hey." Indianna jumped when Greyson appeared next to her and she sighed, leaning into him.

"It's my fault," she whispered and looked around the school; missing person flyers were everywhere for Cassie. "She's dead because she knew me."

"Don't think like that," Greyson scolded and took the flyer out of her hand. "It is not your fault."

"But Rogue only killed her because she knew me-"

"Shut the hell up, sugar," Greyson cut her off and wrapped his arm around Indianna's waist. "It isn't your fault. It's Rogue's. It's all Rogue's fault."

Indianna sighed and chewed her lip. "I just wish she was alive. She didn't deserve to die."

"Many people don't," Greyson shrugged and the school bell rang, signally the start of the day.

Indianna jumped and winced when she heard the bell 5 times stronger than the humans. "Bloody hell," she said and rubbed her head. "I am not going to be able to get used to this."

"You're going to have to," Greyson said with a small chuckle. "Let's go."

Indianna stepped forward, but Greyson suddenly caught her and pulled her to a halt. "What?"

"Werewolf speed," Greyson said and slowly started to walk down the corridor. Indianna felt like she was walking extremely slowly and it was irritating her. "Stop speeding up," Greyson said into her ear.

"But you're walking so damn slow!" Indianna whined and Greyson laughed.

*We're walking at the same pace as everyone else,* Greyson told her. *You just want to walk at the normal pace of werewolves, which is a lot faster than humans.*

*This is annoying.*

"You'll get used to it," Greyson said and they walked into their first class.

Indianna's eyes went to a seat at the front and she frowned. It was Cassie's seat. Indianna had never seen it empty before.

"Look who's alive!" Kal announced, walking into the classroom and grinning at Indianna. "School has been very quiet this past week without you, our shy Luna," he said sarcastically and Indianna rolled her eyes.

"Kal, quieten down," Greyson snapped, but Kal just shrugged.

"So I take it you are feeling better?" Kal said, taking a seat next to Greyson.

"A lot," Indianna nodded and she looked up just as Stacy walked into class, chatting happily to one of her friends. Stacy froze when her eyes landed on Indianna and she gasped quietly. She looked at Indianna then to Greyson then back at Indianna. "Stacy," Indianna whispered and went to stand up, but Greyson grabbed her wrist.

"Sugar, don't," he said and Indianna frowned.


"There's something we haven't told you about Stacy," Kal said with an awkward cough and Indianna looked at them expectantly.


"Guys!" Brooke yelled, rushing into the classroom and cutting off Kal who was just about to explain to Indianna. "Guys, there's two people, you were right, Rogue has a spy." She stopped at the table and gasped when she saw Indianna. "Oh my gosh, Indie! I didn't know you were coming back to school! How are you?"

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