Forty Two - I will castrate you

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Forty Two - I will castrate you

Aria's POV

"Bitch, you is crazy." Mickey says and snaps his fingers, sassily.

"Yeah, for once I actually agree with Mickey." Jay comments.

Mickey starts making weird faces at Jay and Jay just makes weird faces back. "What university?" Vincent asks.

"It's a university for acting and to apply to get in you have to perform a piece and there are judges that decide if you're in or not. Please, it would make me really happy." I say and but my eyelashes.

M wraps his arm around my shoulder and smiles, "I am most certainly in, as long as it makes my wifey happy." he states and winks at me.

A few of the other guys agree and finally Jay and Vincent agree too but Mickey doesn't budge, he just looks at me with his eyebrow raised. "We make money, why the heck would you want to go to university to freaking get a job just to get money anyway?" Mickey asks.

"I've always wanted to be an actress and even if I can't, learning about acting is the next best thing." I explain. It's true, I've always wanted to be famous and in movies but I knew it was never going to happen.

"Okay, but I'm not putting in effort if we make it in. I'm not writing the exams even if I fail. I already wasted half my life at school which was just a place where hoes go to gossip with their friends and occasionally talk back to the devils that some people call teachers." Mickey says and I sigh, "Okay, deal."

I don't mind if he doesn't try, I just really want to try and get in but you have to have a group play and I don't like working alone with other people that I'm not comfortable with so at least this way I will have the force with me.

"So what do we do?" Cody asks, looking at me.

"We have to go to the university tomorrow and we have to do the auditions, someone will explain everything to us and then we find out if we are in or not a week later."

The front door bursts open and we all turn to look at the door. Grayson stands in the doorway, holding several bags and smirking, "Missed me?" he asks and wiggles his eyebrows.

"No." Vincent says and smiles at Grayson and Grayson glares at Vincent.

"Vincent, you know, I really advise that you suck a dick. I'm sure you will find it very calming." Grayson says and then walks to the stairs and goes down to the bedrooms to put his bags down.

He comes back up a while later and Cody tells him about the university. "You want me to learn?" Grayson shouts, offended.

"The only thing I want to act out is," he wiggles his eyebrows again and smirks.

Mickey laughs, "I don't really know you but I do know that you are not getting laid any time soon so relax your hormones boy because they are everywhere."

"Well I have a chance with Aria." he reasons and I cringe.

Mickey shakes his head, "Ooohhh eh eh, M and Aria have to get married and have babies because they just have to be together. Whatever your argument is, it's invalid." he states and points to M and I.

"Yeah, I agree." M says and chuckles while the rest of the force glares at him.

"Hurt her and you're dead." Daniel says and they all pull knives out of their pockets.

M's eyes widen, "Jesus, no. I wouldn't ever hurt my wifey." he states.

I turn to look at Vincent who is also glaring at M, "Yeah, but some people would." I state and Vincent turns to look at me.

All the guys turn to look at Vincent like they are ready to kill him if necessary, "What did you do?" Jay asks, clenching his fists.

These guys really don't listen to my rants. I don't blame them though, I would zone out too.

Vincent looks around the room and for the first time you can see he is scared. "Um... I..."

"Nothing, just leave it." I say and look down. I should just let it go.

"If I find out that you hurt her I will castrate you, I swear to the lord Vincent." M says, taking my hand and intertwining it with his.

I yawn and stand up, "I'm going to sleep." I state. "It's two in the afternoon." Cody says in confusion.

"Yeah, well I'm nocturnal so good day gentlemen. I'll see you tomorrow, you better be awake at ten or I'll pour ice water on you all." I warn and they all groan as I grin and go down to my room.

I really do think that I am nocturnal. If I sleep at 2 am I'll be fine but don't wake me up when I'm sleeping or I'll stab a bitch.


I'm actually nocturnal and it would work well if I didn't have school. Stupid school getting in the way of everything.

I want to download a movie but I don't know what's good, do you guys have any recommendations? ;)

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