All Your Fault

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(I Thought of This One Myself)
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Have you ever felt like everything was your fault? I'm not sure if this is an isolating symptom of my anxiety, but I seem to blame myself for everything. Not only does it make me hate myself, I'm racked with guilt at even the most insignificant matters, while I shouldn't feel guilt at all. I dwell on my short comings and pick myself apart. Can anyone else relate to this?
I experience persistent guilt trips, and I'm not sure if this happens to anyone else. In reality, I'm certain that not everything is my fault, I always try to find that balance of being responsible for myself, and not for what other people say or do. I can't help feeling like everybody is pissed off at me. Like I'm this terrible person who makes mistakes 24/7, even though logically nobody could be that mad at me for such tiny errors. Maybe I'm just paranoid.
Self blame is terrible, but I've never thought about where this belief might come from. There's a rational part of my brain that tells me that not everything is my fault, yet the irrational part of my brain easily and effectively shouts it down. My best estimate is that it is my anxiety and natural worrying. I just feel alone with these symptoms, and I hope I'm not.
Until next time, I hope you enjoyed part 3! ❥

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