Gundam X Sonia

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(Personally for mah friend DarkGlaceon for actually reading my DanganRonpa crap i call stories. :3 Thank you sista!)

"Gundam your 'Four Dark Devas Of Destruction' are so cute!" I exclaimed as San-D came up and snuggled into my neck

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"Gundam your 'Four Dark Devas Of Destruction' are so cute!" I exclaimed as San-D came up and snuggled into my neck. I laughed. He pulled his scarf up to hide a blush. I smiled and ruffled his slick hair.

"Your adorable as well!" I said and now his whole face was covered in purple scarf. Then i remembered something.

"Hey Gundam, could i ask you for a favor?" I asked him. He brung the scarf down.

"Y-yes my goddess?" He said bowed down. I blushed.

"Me and everyone else are going down to the beach, wanna come?" I offered and he stood still for a moment.

"I guess a God like me should take a break from his godlike homework and go swim with mortals." He replied darkly. Or very, sudicinly i should say. I blushed at my thoughts. I went ahead and waved goodbye as i went to change.


I play in the water with Hiyoko and Mahiru until Gundam came. I blushed seeing him shirtless and in shorts.

He even had on a water proof scarf on. I ran towards him.

"Wow Gundam. You look good even without your clothes!" (She doesn't know what she says in this) I said happily. He blushed crimson red and i blushed to.

"Come on lets get in the water!" I said, yanked him in. When he came in, some people were actually surprised to see Gundam there. He usually just shuts himself in his room unless other wise.

-Hours later-

We got out and had dinner Teruteru made for us. though because all the plates were gone, we had to have the same plate of spaghetti. I didn't mind but Gundam was blushing like a idiot. I giggled. I closed my eyes and took up a strand of spaghetti. It was a long one to. As i continued to suck (O////O) the spaghetti i felt soft lips on mine. I opened my eyes and saw Gundam there right in front of me, blushing like crazy. He pulled back and brought the scarf up to hide his blush, which went thought it. Then i smiled and just brought his face over and kissed him again, but more passionate.

"I love you Gundam." I smiled and he smiled to blushing.

"I love you too my goddess."

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