Part 1: Descent

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(I should probably give some context before you read this.

I started writing this at 5:00 am on the day I left for Disney World. Afterwards, writing it kept me busy in the car ride there and back. I was consistently updating it, and this currently has 3 complete parts and a fourth that is currently being worked on.

It's... probably not something you'd expect from me, the resident cinnamon roll.

I'm a psychological person, and looking into the dark depths of someone's psyche is entertaining for me. I wrote this with the intent to delve into insanity, and I hope I did well.

On another note, this story is based off of a chapter in Osomatsu-Kun, where Oso had a plan to get his brothers lost in a forest. Choro discovered this plan, and him and the others conspired to turn the tables on him by creating their own map to mess with him. It worked too well, and Oso was trapped in a cave and presumed dead.

The comic then shows a dark future, where the sextuplets are adults. All are suffering in different ways. Ichi from sickness, Kara from having to take the role as the oldest, Jyushi and Totty in their own strange way.

Choro is a special case. He seemed to have been in a traumatized state, repeating things that a child would, like the alphabet, his own name, and the title: "Well, ya know". I interpreted it as severe psychosis, where reality is perceived differently, and nightmares become a reality. I don't know how accurately I portrayed this, but I tried my best.

However scary this may seem, it piqued my interest, and so now I'm here. It's not all scary things though! I threw in a few funny moments and some happy ones too. I did my best to make everyone in character too. My Mary Sue radar was on 24/7! XD

I hope you enjoy this! And maybe you'll find yourself interested in something along the way.)


In a certain house, there was a set of identical sextuplet boys. These children caused mischief inside their town, making the adults fear their every action. One of these boys, the third oldest, was named Choromatsu.

And, well, ya know...

He never was very stable.


~Part 1: Descent

"Osomatsu's... gone?"

My brothers and I shook in fear from the inhuman screech that came from our mother, and Todomatsu gripped my sleeve weakly. Mom seemed as if she would die right then and there, wailing and crying the way she was. Karamatsu, already taking responsibility as the second eldest son, was soothing her as best as he could.

"Mom, we don't know that. I mean, he could've survived... Maybe he'll come back..."

"NO!" she cried, making my heart almost stop. "He's... he's... not..." She descended back into her despair.

I could feel my throat getting dry, and my body becoming tense. It couldn't be true. It couldn't, because if it was...

It was my fault.

"Choromatsu..." Jyushi gripped my other arm, with Ichi following close behind. "I... we..." It all seemed to blur, I was consumed with my own thoughts, my own guilt. I thought about OUR map. I thought about MY plan. How harmless it had seemed! How innocent! How wonderful! Now I could finally say I'd killed a man. Gotta tell Osomatsu about it, like I'd always planned. He'll think I'm cool, just like him... and I didn't even have to be the eldest! I'd earned it now... but wasn't he gone? No, he can't be, I reasoned, he's Osomatsu. He could never... I swallowed something, and something else was dragged along with it, and disappeared. A sweet thing, that I felt would be sorely missed.

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