Love and Happiness

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Life after Aiden was good. I was getting comfortable in my new roles as Alpha Female and aunty/mommy. The former was a work in progress, but the latter was surprisingly easy. I was used to taking care of kids because I used to baby sit many of the younger children in my old pack.

I was becoming very domesticated, but I didn’t mind. I actually liked being able to take care of the guys, especially my mate. Even now, I was preparing a beef stew that I was going to cook in the crock pot. Trevor, Austin, and Craig were going to be heading to a state wide Pack meeting, and would be gone for two days, so I wanted to make sure I got to spend the whole day with him. That is why I chose a crock pot dinner, how awesome is it to put a bunch of ingredients into a pot, hit the on switch, then do whatever you wanted while your food cooked itself? My sister was supposed to be helping me, but once again, she was nowhere in sight.

She and Austin had been inseparable since the night of the party. Lucky for them, they didn’t have any of the obstacles that Trevor and I did. She was marked the very next night and couldn’t be happier. The other guys were a little bothered that their charm wasn’t enough for her, but they quickly got over it. For them, there was always more tail to score, though I was working on changing their ways. It was going to take a lot of work, but I had to start prepping them for their mates, so they didn’t make the same mistake Trevor did.

As I was chopping the carrots, the kitchen door opened, and judging by the awareness in my body and chocolate in the air, I knew who it was. “Hey babe, I was wondering where you were. I thought you were gonna spend the whole day with me, possibly in bed?” Trevor hinted as he wrapped his arm around my waist planting tiny kisses on my neck.

My body was tingling but if I didn’t finish this now, we’d be eating toast for dinner. “That’s why I’m doing this now, so we can spend the rest of the day together while it cooks.”

“Good thinking, I knew you were more than just a hot body.” he joked. I elbowed him, causing him to grunt while laughing. Just then my second favorite man entered the kitchen. “Hey bud, what’s up?” Trevor asked Cody.

“I got hungry, can I have a cookie?” he asked with a puppy dog look on his face. It was still a couple hours away from lunch, so it wouldn’t hurt.

“Sure, but just one okay?” I said as he dashed over to the cookie jar to take one of the freshly made snicker doodles Megan and I baked earlier. Everyone was happy that my aunt gave me her famous recipe, they asked me to make them almost every day. Speaking of my sister, “Hey, have either of you two handsome guys seen aunt Megan?”

Trevor shook his head, “Nope, I haven’t seen Austin either.”

“I did, I saw them both.” Cody chirped.

“Where were they?” I asked.

“By the lake, uncle Austin was taking aunt Megan’s temperature again, with his mouth.” he tattled while chomping down on his cookie.

Trevor looked at me with a raised eyebrow, and I offered a sheepish smile in return. “Oops.” 

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