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Pen Your Pride


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“There's a long road ahead. We need to learn to forget the pain, ignore the regret and keep moving forward.”



He sighed “Let’s end this.” He turned on his heel and walk away..

Tears we’re welling up my eyes as I turn my back. I’ve been a good girlfriend to him, I actually don’t have time with my friends, I really don’t get along with the peers that he have. I should be the one that ended this relationship a long time ago because of his attitude, being selfish and. ..I don’t deserve this, but suddenly I wonder what I have done, for him to give up our relationship just like that. Without any particular reason he just left me there, dumbfounded.

Lance and I have been a couple for three years. Unlike the other teenagers, my relationship with Lance is the best thing I ever had. I know he loves me and I love him back for that. I thought it would last with that “’Till death do us part” thingy. He always tells me that someday he’ll marry me, he’s always that cheesy. I know I assumed that much, I can’t help it maybe I was really madly in love with this idiot.

We’ve been friends since freshmen year, we’re not actually close, but I always find him funny, he never gets tired on making people laugh with his jokes, he always plays prank on everybody as in ‘EVERYBODY’ even with our teachers that’s why he’s always in detention but his quite smart and him, being adorable without even trying. Then there’s junior year where he actually bloomed. A different Lance, he grew inches taller, he has perfectly toned muscle, his brown hair that perfectly flows beneath his eyebrows and his dark eyelashes that sparkled in the sunlight framing his bright blue eyes. He made me want to melt. Well, he really did have a lot of changes, physically, besides that he’s attitude still remains.

I on the other hand, was skinny, but not a blonde. I have a long dark hair. I have this Greyish Eyes. I am considered one of that preppy/boho chic. Being the daughter of one of the largest bank in Australia I could spend money on clothes, no matter what brand name it. I am an achiever; I just don’t want to let my parents down. I am into singing and that’s why I got into Lance’s band.

Senior Prom, everyone was dressed to impress. In our school, the basis for the King and Queen Judgement is the beauty and the fashion of the nominee, not the popularity.

My hair was blow dried, I decided to have a loose curls and tied it sideways to match my red tube gown. As I enter the hallways I was looking for Bryan, I was unable to get a date because of Lance always threatening all the boys who tried to ask me, acting like a protective big brother on me. Ugh. To my surprise I saw Lance with a bouquet of white roses in his hands. He was looking around and when he saw me he walks towards grinning like an idiot. ”Hey look at you. You look really handsome with that tux,” I told him while fixing his tie. ”For sure you’ll get the title.” I said with a sly smile on my face. He looked at me, took my hand and let me turn around then face him again.

“You look really hot in that gown.” He said while biting his lower lip.

I scowl at him. ”PERV!” and I slapped him on his hard chest. I was about to walk pass him but he handed me the bouquet of roses. “Take this.” He said.

I blushed and took the white roses, my favorite. “Who gave this?Is it from Bryan?” I asked him with a wide grin on my face. He knew that I like Bryan since freshmen year, Bryan is also in his senior year.

He sighed. “No, idiot. I bought this for you since its valentine’s day tomorrow I know you’ll be upset because Bryan is taking Casey for dinner tomorrow..” I sighed; I really am expecting that he would ask me to go on a date. “And for sure you’ll end up watching romantic movies in your big boring house.” He continued while holding back his laugh.

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