Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Despite Daxton's promise, Kamree had not been soothed. The entire weekend's atmosphere had been overflowing with tension and unease. She kept waiting for Daxton to bring up her opportunity to work with his father, yet he never did. And so, when she should have been relaxing, she instead waited, the reasons and excuses tracing her lips.

When Monday came along, she threw herself into work. Daxton had another project to attend to which meant he'd be too busy to hang over her shoulder and whisper possibilities in her ear.

Fielding calls was a lot more exhausting than most believed. It required a lot of patience. Sometimes the people calling for Daxton didn't know who they were contacting and why--only what they needed done. Which often led to her forwarding the call back downstairs to a lesser department only to get the same caller forwarded back when the lower departments decided the caller needed the higher departments. It was similar to playing ping pong, just with more phones and less exercise.

Lunch already came and left when Kamree's phone rang again. "Cavenaugh Productions, this is Daxton Cavenaugh's office, how may I help you?"

"Hello? Uh, my name is Havana Green. I was told to call Mr. Cavenaugh about the Musetunes festival? I got a call from a producer about being a guest."

Musetunes festival? She didn't know anything about a festival. "Ms. Green, if you could hold a moment?"

"Yes, yes of course."

Kamree put Havana Green on hold and buzzed Daxton, who picked up right away. "Mr. Cavenaugh, I have Havana Green on line 2. She's got questions about a Mustunes Festival?"

"I'll take her call," he said.

She went back to Havana who was in the middle of a muted conversation with someone else. "No, Ian, I'm sure they don't want me--"

"Ms. Green?"

"Y-yes, I'm here."

Kamree had a smile on her face. She hoped Daxton put this girl in whatever project they were working on. She seemed nice. A bit nervous, but nice. "I'm going to put you over to Mr. Cavenaugh."

"Oh God," Havana cleared her throat, "Okay, thank you."

She couldn't help herself. "Ms. Green? You'll do fine. I promise you he's not scary." Then she switched her over.

At the desk next to her, Becca snorted. "At least you have the lesser of the scary bosses--if I tell anyone Mr. Cavenaugh isn't scary, I'm a dirty liar."

"Ah, but half the calls you get are from managers and professionals. With Daxton, half the calls are from unsigned artists or newbies."

Becca stopped tapping at her computer and rested her head against the back of the chair. "But there's so much excitement with them. They're potentially starting an opportunity to die for. Of course they're excited."

An opportunity to die for. Is that what it was?

Across the hall, the elevator slid open. Mrs. Cavenaugh stepped out. Automatically Kamree straightened her back and threw on the most polite face she could. "Mrs. Cavenaugh, what can I do for you?"

Mrs. Cavenaugh looked even skinnier than she did last time Kamree saw her. Nothing more than a tiny slip of a woman, Mrs. Cavenaugh was all angles and bones. It couldn't be healthy. Worry gnawed at Kamree's gut. Her eyes were red too. "I'll go get your husband." Kamree stepped out from behind her desk.

"No!" The word erupted from Mrs. Cavenaugh's lips. "Please, just give me a moment."

Kamree and Becca shared a concerned look. Mrs. Cavenaugh peered around, as if she didn't quite know where she was. Maybe she didn't. Kamree gently put a hand at her elbow. "Can I get you anything? A water?"

Mrs. Cavenaugh's eyes never stopped moving, reminding Kamree of a scared rabbit. "Where's the restroom?"

"Right down the hall." She directed her in the right direction. "I'll walk you there."

"Thank you dear." Mrs. Cavenaugh's slight hand grabbed at Kamree's. Her hand was cold and clammy, but Kamree let her hold on. Her gut told her something was up.

"If you want to sit a moment, I can grab you a glass of water." She offered.

"That would be wonderful."

A little sitting area had been sectioned off from the bathroom, ready to serve guests and staff. It had amenities stocked up--toiletries, cough drops, hair ties, chewing gum, and safety pins in a basket near the corner. Next to it, a water dispenser and cups. Kamree knew this place well. She'd sat here often enough during her lunch breaks when she'd "forgotten" lunch and chugged water until the hunger pains went away.

To Kamree dismay, water pooled in Mrs. Cavenaugh's eyes. She handed Mrs. Cavenaugh the glass of water and a few tissues. "I'm sorry." Mrs. Cavenaugh reached for the tissues. "I'm usually more put together than this."

A dull ache made a home in Kamree's chest. Mrs. Cavenaugh, on every occasion she had seen her, was always strong and well put together. Whatever this was must've been big. "I can sit with you here if you'd like." The cold leather of the couch stuck to the back of her legs. "I don't mean to pry, Mrs. Cavenaugh, but if there's anything you'd like to talk about..."

Mrs. Cavenaugh's hand found hers again. "Thank you." Her gaze went unfocused for a moment before coming back. "You have a heart of gold, dear."

Hardly. She just really didn't like to see such a strong woman so downtrodden.

"You don't believe me." Mrs. Cavenaugh frowned at Kamree.

What? "I'm sorry?"

"You don't think you have a heart of gold." Mrs. Cavenaugh explained. "Sometimes..."


"Right. Sometimes Kamree, a heart isn't gold because it's pretty. It's because it's strong."

Is that what she was? She didn't feel very strong. She felt tired. Every day was a battle of will, a fight against the stress in her life.

Mrs. Cavenaugh's hand tightened over hers. "Strength comes from the battles of life."

Kamree stared at Mrs. Cavenaugh who, surprisingly, started to laugh. "You, my dear, are easy to read." She adjusted herself, pulling her skirt down a bit and latching onto Kamree once again. "Do me a favor."

"Of course."

"Think of something. Anything."

She'd never been more confused than in this moment. Was this some type of game? And why did Mrs. Cavenaugh want to play games all of a sudden?

"It's not a game so much as an experiment."

Kamree's heart jolted in her chest. Her eyes widened. "Mrs. Cavenaugh--"

"Think of a color. Not a normal one though, a weird one."

Despite her shock, Kamree scrambled for a color.

"Mac and cheese?" Mrs. Cavenaugh smiled. "I'm not sure that's a color."

Kamree's throat was so tight she had to clear it before speaking. "It's a crayon color my sister likes. Mrs."

Mrs. Cavenaugh pulled her hands away. "Okay now think of a color."


She gestured to the air in between her and Kamree. "Now? Nothing. I have to have contact." She settled a delicate hand on Kamree's knee. "Oh, lavender. What a beautiful color."

Kamree felt like the rug yanked underneath her and she was now listing sideways, unable to right herself.

"At first I didn't believe it. I thought people were insane. I mean, people talk about them all the time, but I thought it was a load of hooey." Daxton's mother shook her head. "But then this happened and I--" Her lip trembled and a sob burst. "I don't know what to do. What am I going to tell David?"

Kamree shook her head in confusion. "Mrs. Cavenaugh, I don't understand."

"I found my mate. My destined." Mrs. Cavenaugh's face crumpled. "And it's not David."  

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